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Midgard Vikingrs |MO|


The Vikingr culture is very violent and largely based on physical strength and combat prowess. Though strategic minds are highly valued, they cannot and do not rule alone. It is more likely that a strong idiot would be in charge than a weak genius. The group's hierarchy is very loosely followed and inner power dynamics are always shifting.


The Midgard Vikingrs are a very violent group. They raid and reave solely for the fun of it and have no qualms about killing others. Before joining with Dovahnor their raids were much more chaotic, immoral, and dangerous. After implementing some ground rules, they still raid and reave, but with much less destruction.

Public Agenda

The Midgard Vikingrs aim to return the Aesir to their former glory and back to their conquering ways when at the beginning of Odin's rule. They have grown to despise the cushy lifestyle Odin grew into and that Thor followed, leading them to strike out on their own.


The Midgard Vikingrs were created by Ubbe Ragnarson during the Tyrant virus worldwide collapse. Their creation was seen by some as overdue, especially by the older generations of Aesir.    After the death of Odin and the destruction of Asgard, the unformed group traveled as refugees to Earth following Thor's command until abandoned them and his crown. After the world's collapse, Ubbe formed the group and they returned to the ways of what they considered true Vikings. After sailing to the United States, now the Divided States, they began to associate with Alex Daddario and her people. They developed a partnership that was mutually beneficial to both groups, where the Vikingrs would be able to house freely within Dovahnor's borders and raid their enemies, in return the Vikingrs would provide military assistance when requested.   After some time, Dovahnor members began intermingling with the Vikingrs, including the royal family. In order to strengthen relations between the groups, Alex had her daughters Eivor and Alice spend more time amongst the Vikingrs. This was seen as a high honor for two reasons. Alice was the last-born blood child of the king. Whereas Eivor was sired by Thor and thus indirectly Aesir royalty. They had two forms of royalty living within their group and learning their ways, making them more partial to their kind of life.

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