The World of the Long Sleep

The geography of the World of the Long Sleep is somewhat unusual amongst those evolutions which share similar Laws of Form to Earth Zero and Earth Stable where within the local Discontinuum the general distribution of landmasses tends to be broadly similar. Whilst it is true that the World of the Long Sleep exists at a later stage of the solar life cycle than is normal and therefore some continental drift is to be expected, this alone cannot account for the radical observed differences.
  A sophisticated analysis of core, mantle and plate structures undertaken by scientists during the Long Northern Peace (the most recent occasion when science was arguably at its most developed since the Great Forgetting) has shown that there have been at least one and possibly two occasions of radical geoengineering, sufficiently pervasive and powerful to remap entire continental landmasses and their associated ocean basins. The amount of energy expended in these efforts must have been enormous and the implications for planetry habitability whilst the world was undergoing these changes must have been profound. It is now thought that the earlier of the two occasions was the less significant and was probably undertaken about the same time as the terraforming of the moon. The second radical reworking is suspiciously close to current estimates of the start of the Season Of Innocence and this strongly suggests that there is some connection but exactly what that might have been is unknown.
  The largest and the most important of the modern continents is Trass, which stretches from the Arctic Circle in the north to a short distance beyond the Midlat Desert Zone in the south.
  The continent of Equatoria, straddles the equator to the east of Trass and is the second largest landmass. The space elavator at Modyran, which was recommissioned in 1622 AF at the start of the age of the Succession Empires gave the entire continent increasing importance in the following ages although it was not until the era of the Trade Wars that it reached the peak of its power as a hub for travel to Allport and on to Trass in the west and Fereth in the east.
  Fereth is the third continent. It is in the same hemisphere as Trass but on the opposite side of the world.
  There are no significant landmasses in the southern hemisphere.
  A few archipeligos are scattered throughout the oceans, the most historically important of these being the Allport Islands, the location of the foundation city of Allport which lies between Trass and Equatoria. In the modern world, the archipeligo of Helsporan is the site of a space elevator which has replaced the one lost at Modyran. Helsporan is now considered the capital of the planet which operates under the rules of the Pax Helsporan. This island group lies to the east of Equatoria, not far from Fereth and directly on the line of the equator.
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