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Tharanilluminae are a species of gigantic fungus, found only in the deep forests of Moonside on Noctaliya. The species is closely related to variants found in archetypes such as the Autumn Country and in other places throughout the Twilight Realms.   The fruiting body of tharanilluminae can grown to heights of more than ten metres and the gills glow with a soft greenish blue light.   Mature specimens are treated as sacred by many Owlblood and some practice a form of meditation under the light of the fungus which is quasi religious in nature.  
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Basic Information


Tharanilluminae are the fruiting body of a mycorrhizal species. The mycelium is a remarkably tenuous, grey, threadlike web work of nutrient gathering cells which permeates the forest floor throughout Moonside. The fruiting bodies, unlike those that might be found on some of the more traditional stable worlds, persist and grow to enormous sizes.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Tharanilluminae yield a plentiful supply of dusty spores which can be collected to make a fine peppery spice with a unique flavour, highly prized in cooking. These spores are known by the simplified name of Thran. When Thran was introduced to Magicians' End with the opening of the Noctaliyan Gate it became a valuable export, traded for high prices in the city of Quarowl.
200 years (Earth Zero years)
Average Height
7 metres
Average Weight
80 kg
Geographic Distribution

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