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Moonside is the name given to the dark hemisphere of the tidally locked world of Noctaliya. It is overlooked by a small tidally locked moon called Noct which stands directly opposite the sun and provides this half of the world with permanent illumination from a static position in the zenith of the skies above the sacred mountain top sanctuary city of High Moon.


Moonside is often bitterly cold and would be uninhabitable if it weren't for two factors. Firstly, the oceans act as a convection conductor, circulating warm surface water from Sunside and returning colder deep currents. Together with the polar wind systems, the liquid and gaseous envelopes transfer some of the Sunside energy, keeping Moonside from freezing up completely. Secondly, and less importantly, a region known as the Earth Blood Lands in the south of the continent consists of a number of open faults where the crust of the planet has fractured to reveal lines of magma. Old Heart Mountain, at the centre of this region is an active volcano. The entire area is permeated with hot springs and geysers and radiates enough heat to contribute to Moonside's energy budget. Part of the Earth Blood Lands are shown in the illustration at the head of the article.


  • Noctaliya : Moonside
    The dark hemisphere of Noctaliya
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Cover image: Noctaliyan Moonside Landscape by DMFW


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