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On Earth Stable, the Agents of the Stability Council refer to realms within the discontinuum that have a consistent history within a coherent unfolding of time as "evolutions".   Like all the realms of the discontinuum, evolutions are subject to their own Laws of Form. The ones that are relatively isolated from the discontinuum are classifed as Citadel Worlds and Stable Worlds. These include Earth Stable itself and Earth Zero. Other evolutions may be more vulnerable to the dangerous events that can cross the barriers and although still classified as stable, there is a gradation within the evolutions which leads to the Borderland Realms. Such worlds as Magicians' End, sit at the very edge of the evolutions known to the Council and are threatened from the realms beyond the frontier, which include (but are not limited to) a host of Archetypes.

Cover image: The Discontinuum by DMFW with Midjourney


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