Void Mysticeti

Those who have traveled the Void may on their journey have glimpsed one of these majestic creatures, the largest of which can be up to a kilometer in length. They can usually be spotted by the crackling energy between the three horns at the front of their heads, often the first sign of them you see is lightning in space at a distance.   One thing we definitely know about them is they are not native creatures to the Crucible. They only started appearing after The Nayoman Invasion, and archaeological expeditions to crashed Nayoman ships have found skeletal remains of these animals suspended within the center of each ship. Scientists have theorized that they played a role in keeping the craft 'afloat' but attempts to capture a Mysticeti have been unsuccessful, they die in captivity of what appears to be massive heart attacks every time.   They are by and large an incredibly docile peaceful species, spending the vast majority of their time floating in the vast emptiness of the Void between planets and asteroid fields. Tending to shy away from outside contacts they seem to have an innate fear of humanoid races and will flee when approached, however if cornered or surrounded they can unleash a massive static blast from the three horns on its head that somehow disable pursuing ships, some theorize it is an electro-magnetic pulse type weapon, but no-one has been able to decipher it as yet.   Although they flee when pursued, a class of Void-ship has been developed than can close with and capture these specimens, great harpoon ships shaped like and armed with barbed harpoons, crewed by privateers the Void whales are hunted for their precious oil. Mysticeti Oil is used in some high-end machinery as a lubricant that never seems to fail, and it can also be used as a cosmetic that keeps ones skin looking youthful. The various governments of the Crucible have outlawed Void-Whaling as the practice is known but unfortunately there is still a burgeoning trade in illegal Mysticeti oil, particularly on Leonis and Daxu. The Daxian Honest Haulage Incorporated is one organisation that makes a good profit from this trade.   There are rumors that Mysticeti oil can be imbibed in a tea that can give a person 'powers' and suggestions are that a mysterious organisation gathers the oil to experiment with an ancient power called 'Magick' but evidence of this is scant at best.

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

Many pairs of fins dotted the length of the body with a triple horn arrangement at the front of the body.

Ecology and Habitats

Exclusively in the Void, though they do occasionally come to the surface of planets they prefer the void.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Can usually filter spores and other detritus from the Void but can go years without appearing to feed suggesting they can draw energy from other sources too. Water is gathered from chipping away at asteroids and Void Mysticeti can be seen mostly around asteroid fields.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Mostly in the Void around the asteroid fields.

Scientific Name
Baeleen Mysticeti
Approximately 1000 years
Average Height
Average Weight
Hundreds of tons


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