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Port Salazar (Port SAL-uh-zar)

Port Salazar is the largest settlement and central trade hub on the Crimson Coast - a warren of old buildings and side-alleys, the town is home to both the only remaining government of the old coastal settlements as well as serving as a nexus of local criminal activity. Founded far into the early forgotten ages, Port Salazar sits at the base of Flatrood Bay, taking advantage of the ample protection of the natural wave breaker to act as a nexus of commerce and crime, well protected from the expanse of the turbulent sea. Port Salazar is crowded, dirty, and occasionally dangerous, but many people come from great lengths up and down the coast to seek refuge under the corrupt government run from the Administratum building, as Port Salazar remains the only major settlement along the entire coast.


The rich upper class (comprised of wealthy merchants and the Administratum) control the flow of goods and the enforcement of the law by way of the City Watch. Most of the rest of the population consist of tradesmen, dockworkers, less wealthy merchants, and their families. The central area of town around Liberation Square is home to most of the richest citizens of Port Salazar, save the Lord Mayor's chambers inside the Administratum building.


The Administratum, led by Lord Mayor Vepiscus Maleus, rules over Port Salazar and maintains the City Watch. Administration of the city is performed from the Administratum Building located across the river from Liberation square, with police and military matters handled from the City Watch Barracks in the Inner Wards. Corruption is rampant in Port Salazar, and officials are more than happy to take bribes. The Harbormaster remains the only uncorrupted agent of the Administratum, dutifully seeing to the running of the port (with the assistance of the Harbor Pilot) while keeping at a distance from city politics.


  • Coastgate
  • Freeport
  • Trade District
  • Smuggler's Row
  • Inner Wards

Points of interest

  • The Administratum Building
  • Harbormaster's Office
  • City Watch Barracks
  • Liberation Square
  • The Anchor & Barnacle
  • The Ratcatcher Inn
  • Roland's Armory
  • Oriznuck & Sons Outfitters
  • North Port & the Warehouses


Port Salazar
An overhead map of Port Salazar handed out by the Harbormaster's office to help travellers and sailors navigate the city. Important locations have been marked by the harbor Pilot.
Founding Date
Large city
Ruling/Owning Rank
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