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The Crimson Coast

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A decrepit and polluted coastal region on a ruined and industry-spoiled continent, full of skeezy seaside towns and abandoned settlements teeming with strange sea life. Centered around the industrial city of Port Salazar, the coast is inhabited with pirates and smugglers as well as dark magical entities and beings that have taken hold of the abandoned towns and the many cave systems and smuggler's tunnels that dot the coast. Overlooking the coast are the nigh-impassible Kapusdurn mountains, home of long-cold forges and mining operations that once fueled the trade economy of Port Salazar. Few have ventured into them and returned, and some say that the spirits of the mountain prevent travelers from passing through as punishment for the destruction the citizens of the coast wrought upon the forests.   Off the coastline lies the distant Carnmouth Archipelago, once the home of several trade city-states but now thought to be cursed - few sailors dare pass close by to the 6 desolate islands: the tropical jungle-covered Verdant Atoll with its deep central sinkhole, Dargrave Island - home to a once-great monastery centered around a library of dark and secret knowledge, the craggy and foreboding fortress-topped Tonnerre Island, the swampy Mendeen Island, the shipwreck-strewn and forested Hollow Cay, and the mysterious lighthouse-topped Meridia Rock, unmarked on any charts and only rumored to exist - but anyone brave enough to seek out the lighthouse has never returned to reveal its location - though some say on specific dark and stormy nights, a lonely light can be seen from the horizon, mesmerizing unwary crews and drawing them in.