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Granny Ada's Last Harvest Dumplings

If you are ever going to celebrate Last Harvest somewhere around The City of Middlepoint and you think you have enough luck, do yourself a favor and visit Granny Ada.   Exactly three layers above Middlepoint, there is an old canteen. Twelve years ago, Granny Ada decided that she wanted to turn it into beanery just because it looked like beanery her ma worked at when she was young. Now she lives there with her two grandsons, each as big as an oak and as simple as one.   The normal menu changes day to day, however, once a year, during Last Harvest, Granny cooks her specialty: the Last Harvest dumplings. Every year there are queues just to get them.
And there is a good reason why.
So soft, that they melt in your mouth and yet they do not fall apart.
The filling has a taste of the best poultry you have ever eaten with a slight sweetness of fruits.
They make you full really fast and yet you still crave for more.
And their smell...That is the smell that makes your mouth salivate like crazy while you wait for your dish.   There were many copycats and yet none could create something as good as she did.
And for some reason that is really baffling.
Because there were those who got the recipe, they followed every single point and it still isn't even close to what Granny Adelaide creates.
The dough is made by mixing flour, water, egg, salt, and butter. A standard way to create dumplings.
The filling is made out of ground chicken or turkey meat mixed with elemental fruits (Elemental Crops).
And as I said, it isn't good enough to be even called a copy.
Maybe it's the so-called granny love they are missing.   So, what do they cost?
Granny says the fee is symbolic. You pay what you think you should pay.
Many pay with their services.
That's why canteen, despite its age, is renovated.
Why the chairs and tables are so ornate.
Why that layer is one of the safest layers in The Pit.   One of Granny's clients was a blacksmith. After tasting her dumplings, he was so moved, he created an ornate stamp she can leave a mark that represents her business on the food she creates.   Oh and one more thing.
If you are going to go there the next Last Harvest, better go early.
Queues start forming really early and the supply is consumed really fast.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
50g each (one full meal is 6 dumplings)

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Cover image: Call of the Tree by Revyera


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