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George Wickett

The Genesis Slayer

George Anthony Wickett (a.k.a. Adam)

“The Destroyer. The First. The Instigator of this war. George Wickett, also known as the Genesis Slayer, is a dangerous man. If any Coalition member is to come across him, fall back immediately and request back up from the elites. Wickett is known for having slain Treya, Goddess of Deceit and establishing the militant force of New Earth known as the Godslayers. He is by far the Coalition’s greatest enemy and cannot be allowed to live. Under no circumstances is a Coalition member to engage this enemy alone. He is said to have access to the still unknown Power of Destruction and have the ability to copy Divine Arts. This man has started a war that has resulted in the deaths of millions. Show no mercy.” - The Keldyme Coalition’s Godslayer Files   George Wickett is the 21309th Earthling sent to the Cage under the false prophecy. He is the first patroned child of earth who has been patroned by a Dark God, meaning he has access to Demonic Arts. He is also known as the Genesis Slayer, being the first human to take up the challenge of killing the Gods and is the leader of the Earthling Revolution.   Be sure to follow George on Heroes.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

In good health and is rather muscular. However, he gets injured a lot, leading to nerve damage, scars and other consequences.

Body Features

Fair skin, black hair and black and gold eyes. Scar from under his right eye to his collar bone.

Facial Features

Has a defined jaw that's not overly square and has a trimmed beard.

Identifying Characteristics

scar on right side of face, "Godless" eyes and critical gaze.

Physical quirks

Right handed and has a constant resting look of irritation on his face.

Special abilities

Capable of using seven battle magic cantrips called sigils and a Demonic Art. His Divine Art is the Mark of Cain, which manifests as a mark on his left hand given to him by Yahweh. It channels his willpower into energy from the Power of Destruction. This willpower can be anything from intense hatred to love. The Power of Destruction allows him to increase his physical abilities or in extreme cases, revoke someone's existence. This power is extremely difficult to control, however.

Apparel & Accessories

Wears a leather chest plate over a white shirt with breeches on a regular day. Wears his Fallen Angel Tactical Armor while in battle or on war campaigns. Belts have potions and bombs attached. Carries a titanium long sword and a lever action rifle on back. Gloves and boots are thick. Also has a silver medallion with a ruby in the middle to sense nearby divine or demonic presences.

Specialized Equipment

Carries a titanium-aluminum alloy long sword named Requiem, lever action rifle, an array of potions, blade grease and bombs.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

George was first dropped into the Cage at age nineteen. He was recovered and brought to a compound of the Earthling Coalition, predecessor to the Keldyme Coalition. From the moment he was brought there, he had a meeting with Yahweh where the god outright told George he was to suffer during his time there. George was discovered to be under Yahweh's patronage and was therefore outcast. The only person who agreed to help him betrayed him by accusing him of blasphemy. When George was thrown to the demons at night as punishment, George met Kassandra, a sarcasm loving succubus who agreed to bind herself to three years of service in exchange for distracting a nearby witch. The operation was successful and resulted in George discovering his Divine Art. A cruel gift from Yahweh that ironically gave him power over the gods. George received assistance from James McMann, a local blacksmith, to help hone his abilities in combat. After being forced to fight for both his and Kassandra's lives in an arena for further crimes, the Agruans invaded the city. Kassandra, James and George managed to flee. George suffered many injuries and James was split up from them. They met up in a nearby town and decided to start a journey to Nethylor. Along the way, they picked up Phillip Henderson, a former antagonist to George's survival. In Nethylor, George was acquainted with a branch of the Arcane University and assisted them in stopping a conspiracy by the Church of Avoros and the Duke to forbid the practice of magic. However, it was revealed that the leader of the operation was Mordikain, Son of Treya and God of Dreams. George and company tried their best to fight, but James ended up being a tragic casualty of the battle. George succumbed to his anger and let Yahweh's power dominate his mind. Despite this, Mordikain was utterly wiped from existence. Kassandra managed to calm him from his rampage and put a lock on his power that would limit his access to the dangerous force. In the aftermath, Kassandra's best friend and James were both killed. Phillip was also taken captive. After a brief time developing weapons in Dimovska, George and his allies decided to campaign across Aewith in search of Treya. Unfortunately, Kassandra refused to accompany them, believing it would result in a pointless death. After finding Treya's location, George battled her elite assassins before facing down the goddess herself. It was revealed the Treya had access to a similar power that allowed her to control minds that she received from Yahweh. George defeated Treya before using only his sword to end her life. Since then, George has campaigned against the gods and their worshippers, becoming the first to kill a god. He now leads a movement to end the gods' tyranny once and for all.


A high school education, rigorous combat training, spellcraft, demonic arts, training for demons and divine creatures and limited alchemy


Pizza delivery guy to Godslayer warlord.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Slayer of Treya and Zira, goddesses of Deceit and Plagues

Failures & Embarrassments

Was publicly excommunicated from every cult and church on Gaian at once.

Mental Trauma

Social Anxiety Disorder, anger management issues

Intellectual Characteristics

High Logical, intrapersonal, kinesthetic and spatial intelligence

Morality & Philosophy

George is an active rebel towards Fate. He disregards the validity of the idea of sin because he believes that it's just a tool for people to make others hate themselves and put trust in a false hope. His wrath, lust, pride and other supposed sins are just as much a part of him as his arm or his leg. He embraces his hatred of destiny. Predestination is resignation to being controlled by others. So, he actively fights against his destiny. George believes that destiny is no less fallible than a mortal's judgement, so he thinks that destiny is manipulative and abusive of its power. He believes that whoever controls fate deserves consequences and has become that consequence. He left traditional morality behind after he experienced the true horrors of this world. He wants to protect his loved ones from these horrors, which manifests in his domain, New Earth.


None except unprovoked violence, needless lying, hypocrisy, fake people and submission to fate.

Personality Characteristics


Has a single minded goal of eviscerating the Divine who ruined his life.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Great sense of humor and adept with machinery. Absolutely awful at trying to bullshit through things.

Likes & Dislikes

Loves being alone or with a small group of friends and coffee. Likes tabletop games and fantasy novels. Hates actually being in a fantasy world. Despises formal occasions and being woken up early.

Virtues & Personality perks

Quick to act, decisive, intelligent, persistent, analytical, loyal, loving and hard working

Vices & Personality flaws

moderate temper with violent explosions of rage, often disrespectful, lustful, wrathful and self-doubting

Personality Quirks

Sweats way more than normal people. Doesn't even have to be nervous. Just gets dehydrated easily.


Bathes when he can, but he's on the road most of the time. When staying somewhere, typically pretty good about keeping himself clean.


Contacts & Relations

He has two lovers: Kassandra and Gadreel. He is close friends with all the Titans of Draal Nazar.

Family Ties

None are relevant, as they all exist on Earth.

Religious Views

Atheist when it comes to Earthling religions. He believes gods are arrogant and childish.

Social Aptitude

Has a great sense of humor. Unintentionally charming on rare occasions, but otherwise very socially inept. Hard time recognizing implied social cues and dislikes large crowds.


Uses a lot of sarcasm and most expression comes from his eyebrows. He's witty and lighthearted around his friends, but towards his enemies, he has a completely different side. He uses intimidation as much as he can to instill fear into the hearts of his enemies and his prey.

Hobbies & Pets

Was in to tabletop games, card games, computer coding and digital art before he was ripped from earth


Voice tone is often very apathetic. Tone differentiates, but is mostly fairly deep. Quick with insults and likes to explain things in metaphors. Regularly swears, but thinks excessive swearing is just annoying. Has a difficult time with compliments and formalities. Typically gets greetings and farewells out of the way. Uses "What the shit" a lot. Has an American accent. Voice is rough and gravelly thanks to Zaritain cutting into his throat to administer a mutation.


George Wickett

Lover (Vital)

Towards Kassandra of Nethylor



Kassandra of Nethylor

Lover (Vital)

Towards George Wickett




After rescuing her from a priest who had stolen her power and planned to enslave her, the ritual that would’ve done so accidentally targeted George. However, it was incomplete. They started having casual sex at first mostly due to the mere exposure effect and Kassandra being half succubus. Kassandra needed George to experience pleasure in order to rebuild her power that had been lost during the ritual. And that’s the way it stayed for a long time. Just friends. Now that they are building a new nation together, their feelings for each other deepen. Kassandra has a fatal flaw, however. She views George as more of a pet or a child due to her nature as an immortal. Because of this, a significant portion of their relationship is a silent struggle for power.

Nicknames & Petnames

George: Kass Kassandra: Sunshine Darling, love and honey

Relationship Reasoning


Commonalities & Shared Interests

Both are founders of a nation and have compatible mind sets.

Shared Secrets

Kassandra’s heritage

Shared Acquaintances

Phillip Henderson

George Wickett

Lover (Vital)

Towards Archseraph Gadreel



Archseraph Gadreel

Lover (Vital)

Towards George Wickett




After Gadreel was cast down from Avira for blasphemy, George came across her while on his campaign against Agrua. By their own volition, they became close friends, but under suggestion of Kassandra of Nethylor did they become lovers. George was unopposed to reveling in his status as Warlord of New Earth and Gadreel was fine with sharing.

Relationship Reasoning


Commonalities & Shared Interests

Both want New Earth to prosper.

Shared Acquaintances

Kassandra of Nethylor

Wealth & Financial state

He technically has access to all the money New Earth earns from hunts and exports, but he only uses the money he earns from his own hunts. The only bonus is that he's exempt from his own taxes.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Gensis Slayer, Champion of Wrath, The Doubter, Demon of Rage, Hunter of the Holy
Year of Birth
12292 P.W. 25 Years old
Chicago, Illinois
Current Residence
Draal Nazar
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
With the Godslayer augments, the whites of his eyes are black and his irises are golden
rough and black, shaved on the sides, with the rest tied back into a ponytail
6' 4"
200 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Why don't I show you just how monstrous I am?" "I'm the world's first deicidal maniac."
Owned Vehicles
Aligned Organization
The Godslayers
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
English and weak Eldritch tongue
Character Prototype
George takes inspiration from characters like Geralt of Rivia, Doom Guy, Guts of the Berserk franchise, Panacotta Fugo and Goblin Slayer with a little bit of Batman thrown in.

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