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Kassandra of Nethylor

The Vile Queen of Sinners

Kassandra of Nethylor

"Kassandra of Nethylor. She is a wicked succubus who heads the Starfall Circle, otherwise known as the Godslayer's Fiend Corps. Beware her wiles, as they can and will draw you into her enchantment, man or woman. It is imperitive that only the Exalted approach her if given the chance. Her power is speculated to be among the ranks of archfiends or minor gods." - The Keldyme Coalition's Godslayer Files   Kassandra was born in 11927 in the depths of the Abyss. She was born half demon and half god granting her magical prowess beyond any mortal being. Her power is matched only by immortals and exalted.   Be sure to follow Kassandra on Heroes.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

In shape and extremely attractive. Is extremely agile and has great capacity for acrobatics.

Body Features

Fair skin. Large breasts, small waist and wide hips. Tattoos down her face that are magic wards.

Facial Features

Her face is round and symmetrical, with cleanly defined, thin eyebrows. She has long eyelashes and average sized lips.

Identifying Characteristics

Tattoo wards and vibrant eyes.

Physical quirks

Left handed. Right shoulder is slightly misaligned, due to an injury that never fully healed.

Special abilities

Kassandra has aptitudes in most forms of magic, but excels in necromancy, battle magic, protection magic, cryomancy, telepathy and mind magic. As a demigoddess, she has the ability to travel the realms at will. And as a succubus, she has powerful mind control abilities and supernatural abilities that come with being one.

Apparel & Accessories

Wears violet, black and blue sorceress garbs.

Specialized Equipment

Carries a staff that facilitates spellcasting and a suit of tactical combat armor created by the denizens of New Earth called the Lich Queen armor

Mental characteristics

Personal history

After Kassandra had been born to a succubus and the Dark God of Wrath, Virasu, she was shipped to Avira to be raised by a native couple. Growing up in Avira, Kassandra discovered her capacity for magic. She practiced in secret, teaching herself about spell craft. When her father caught her one day, she was arrested and cast from Avira. On Gaian, she struggled to survive. Demons were attracted to her magical presence and peasants tried to burn her at the stake. After three long years of barely surviving, the eighteen year old was taken in by the Nethylor Magic Institution. There, she was properly taught to control her power. She read on her own time, amassing power and skill. By age twenty four, she was on par with the head master. As a result, she was kicked out of the academy for being too big a threat. Virasu soon revealed himself to her, claiming to be her true father and telling that she was a dark demigod. Virasu took her in and trained her in magic even further. His methods, however, broke her will and her mind. During his training, she had attempted several times to kill herself, but was stopped by her own magic. She was borderline brainwashed and went to work under him. As a succubus, she was enslaved by multiple worshippers of Virasu and performed many assassinations. She did many jobs for him, like joining with George and helping him defeat Treya. While working with George, she found him charming and his philosophy intriguing, prompting her to seduce him. When George recovered from having his genes augmented, the two of them infiltrated an Aviran city with four other newly gain allies, searching for Treya, Goddess of Deceit. They found where she lived and they infiltrated the hideout, rescuing his friends. But when Treya confronted him, Kassandra stepped in to help him kill her. After properly moving in to New Earth, George invited her to help him create a country. She became his deputy. While George hunts, she remains as Draal Nazaar's defender.


Extensive magical schooling from Nethylor and extremely harsh training under Virasu.


A servant of Virasu. Now holds a deputy position in New Earth.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Amassing godlike magical prowess

Failures & Embarrassments

Was shamed in front of her foster family before being thrown off Avira.

Mental Trauma

Spent 3 years in a state of panic. Has major trust issues and has trouble connecting with people. Had a desire to commit suicide. Has an inability to disobey her father. Kassandra has deep seated fear of commitment to a relationship and feeling trapped thanks to her years spent as a slave to warlocks and other demonic magic users.

Intellectual Characteristics

High Logical, linguistic and interpersonal intelligence.

Morality & Philosophy

Kassandra is far away from a decent person. She is a product of being victimized by fate. She spent the majority of her early life being held down and spat on by the world. The gods hated her, the demons abused her and humans persecuted her. She believes that no one is worth trusting for the pain they’ll cause in the end. Those who she has loved that haven’t betrayed her have been killed. She has learned to manipulate and kill to survive. She has no time for morals or guilt. While extremely unlikely, those she does care for, she is highly protective of them and will do anything to keep them by her side. What she fears most is receding back into the loneliness and despair of her youth.

Personality Characteristics


To be free of all things. All masters, all burdens and even death.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Extremely good at magic, but horrendous at doing anything that can be done with magic. Does have a talent for cooking due to the similar principles in both it and magic.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes people with a sense of humor and black tulips. Hates bossy people, self righteousness and people who virtue signal.

Virtues & Personality perks

Fast learner, quick adapter, Can be a wonderful person to be around. Very motherly towards the Godslayers.

Vices & Personality flaws

Bad temper, selfish, manipulative, apathetic, not trusting.

Personality Quirks

Has a habit of cackling insanely if she laughs too hard.


She always makes sure she's presentable when she goes out in public. But with those she's close with, she doesn't really care.


Contacts & Relations

She and George have a dysfunctional, yet ultimately loving relationship. Sees Erin as kind of a daughter figure. Has a good friendship with Phillip.

Family Ties

Virasu is her father.

Religious Views

"The Gods are a bunch of shitbags."

Social Aptitude

Highly confident around people. Charismatic and flirtatious, but also very sarcastic. Sometimes comes off as aloof and arrogant. T He vast majority of the time, her behavior is that of a playful seductress.


Speaks in long, smooth patterns that sound soothing. Her movements when she's calm are graceful and fluid.

Hobbies & Pets

Has a raven familiar. Also enjoys researching magic and likes messing with people.


Has a British accent, in Earthling terms, but an Aviran one in terms of the Cage. Saturates all of her speech with sarcastic comments and witty comebacks with those she's close to. She swears occasionally and speaks at an average tone of voice. She greets the same people the exact same way every time. Doesn't matter who she's speaking to, if she wants something from them, she'll put on her temptress act.


George Wickett

Lover (Vital)

Towards Kassandra of Nethylor



Kassandra of Nethylor

Lover (Vital)

Towards George Wickett




After rescuing her from a priest who had stolen her power and planned to enslave her, the ritual that would’ve done so accidentally targeted George. However, it was incomplete. They started having casual sex at first mostly due to the mere exposure effect and Kassandra being half succubus. Kassandra needed George to experience pleasure in order to rebuild her power that had been lost during the ritual. And that’s the way it stayed for a long time. Just friends. Now that they are building a new nation together, their feelings for each other deepen. Kassandra has a fatal flaw, however. She views George as more of a pet or a child due to her nature as an immortal. Because of this, a significant portion of their relationship is a silent struggle for power.

Nicknames & Petnames

George: Kass Kassandra: Sunshine Darling, love and honey

Relationship Reasoning


Commonalities & Shared Interests

Both are founders of a nation and have compatible mind sets.

Shared Secrets

Kassandra’s heritage

Shared Acquaintances

Phillip Henderson

Wealth & Financial state

Kassandra has no need for money, as she can simply use mind magic to convince shopkeepers to give her things for free. However, through this method she has acquired many assets in the form of businesses, homes and land across Gaian.

“I knew I smelled the stink of angel in here.”
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Of Nethylor, Great Mage Equal to Heaven, Mother of the Godslayers, Queen of the Blasphemers, Empress over the Unholy
Year of Birth
11927 P.W. 390 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Born of a succubus and Virasu
Current Residence
Draal Nazar
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Scrutinous and a vibrant shade of electric blue
Long, silky, raven black
5' 10"
113 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Watch as your flesh becomes bone and your skin becomes maggot shit." "A god's mind is just as mortal as a human's.”
Aligned Organization
The Godslayers
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
English, Eldritch tongue, Elven, Agruan, Xaukremani, Aviran
Character Prototype
I hate comparing my characters to others because it makes them seem like they're just bootleg versions of them, but Kassandra takes heavy inspiration from characters like Bayonetta, Yennefer of Vengerberg, Morgan le Fay and Liliana Vess.
“There’s a lot of things you’ll come to know in this life, Sunshine. Hopefully one them’s the fact that the people you don’t trust at first often tend to be more reliable than those you do.”

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