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Favored: The Divine Demon


The Divine Demon tells the story of the Godslayer, George Wickett. Specifically, his early life from his first moments in the Cage to his first kill.   George Wickett had spent a long time wishing he could be whisked away from Earth to somewhere more exciting. He got his wish when the gods of the Cage pull him from his home and drop him in the Cage. While their world is certainly fantastical, it’s far from what he dreamed it’d be. With everything within 50 miles of him trying to eat, experiment on, arrest or loot him, he happily makes a deal with a demon god. Consumed by rage, George trains himself to rise as a killer of the divine: a Godslayer. While making friends with a mild pyromaniac, a young girl with the strength of a bear and fucking a half succubus demigoddess.

Plot points/Scenes

Act 1: George run through some of his daily routine on Earth. He is a senior in high school and works a job at a convenience store. His dad passed away when he was young and his mother and sister are assholes. He's not strong, athletic or extremely good looking. He's considering going to college, but doesn't really know what he wants to do. After a fight with his family, he takes his car out for a drive. He gets in an accident that would've killed him and when everything goes dark, he has a kind of fever dream about being chosen and wakes up, falling from several thousand feet, encased in light. He lands in the middle of a small Tarhun village. He's taken in by a monastery that worships Avoros and after he explains he's from earth, their oracle explains to him the prophecy and his purpose. George is fascinated by the world and excited, but the oracle says he requires a reading first. to know who patroned him. He's brought into the center of town. When the oracle performs her ritual, she foretells disaster brought on by George. As she keeps talking, demonic powers destroy her body. The townsfolk grabbed their torches and pitchforks and drive George into the wilderness. He holes up in a cave for the night, hungry and exhausted. The cave contains a portal to Xanledash, through which Virasu first makes contact. Virasu reveals the true horror of the Cage and the lie he's been told. After being offered protection and base necessities, he eagerly joins Virasu as his champion. In the morning, Virasu eggs him to exit the cave and go back to the village. He sees that the village had been run through by the Agruans. Eventually, Virasu gives George some light armor and a titanium sword so he can travel to the Lock, a giant obelisk that would serve as an entrance to a safe haven. Along the way, he finds his protection in the form of Kassandra of Nethylor and companions in the forms of Phillip and Erin. Along the way, he learns to hunt monsters and more about how far the gods have their hooks into the helpless mortals. George grows a mounting anger towards the liars and is more enthusiastic about Virasu's idea of killing the Gods. He quickly learns magic, swordplay, alchemy and demonic arts before they reach the Lock.   Act 2: The Lock reveals to be an access point to the pocket dimension New Earth. After everyone settles into the slightly ruined fortress of Draal Nazar, they quickly learn that the Lock isn't safe. Divine Artists and an Exalted of Treya breach the Lock and raid the fort. George and the others try to fend them off, but they are able to capture Phillip and Erin. Despite Virasu's advice against it, George promises to free them. Kassandra, who has grown rather attached to him, follows. Kassandra introduces him to an Alchemist friend of hers in Dimovska, who has worked with mutations and could prevent Treya from ripping his mind to shreds. They stay in Dimovska while George is administered the augments and recovers. Virasu gives George the location of Phillip and Erin, forcing George and Kassandra to go to Avira and go undercover in the Earthling Coalition. While there, the two grow close and George is further angered by the effects of the prophecy while Kassandra confronts some of her past. Eventually, they pinpoint the exact location of their friends. Kassandra is unable to go close, due to Treya being able to sense her. George infiltrates Treya's hideout in Avira and makes it to Phillip and Erin under the cover of stealth. But when Treya's guards sense Phillip and Erin missing, they give chase. George gets their equipment back for them. and they prepare for a fight.   Act 3: George and his friends cut down Treya's forces for the most part. They barely escape the hideout, but are cut off by the goddess herself. Treya defeats both Phillip and Erin before George runs both her and himself off the edge of the city. Kassandra boards the other two on a ship and joins them on Gaian. George and Treya land in the capital of Nharuum. When Kassandra joins the fight, destruction ensues. Both sides cause major damage, but George gets the drop on the Goddess after he reflects her attempt to mind wipe him. He kills her before the citizenry and claims victory. George and Kassandra escape before the Nharuumians can alleviate their shock. Amongst the crowd, is a fifteen year old Princess Nharu. When George and the others fly the stolen Avrian ship back to New Earth, they witness a batch of lights fall from the sky, indicating more children of earth. One lands just in front of the Lock.


Consequences for your actions, defiance in the face of authority and humility.



George and Kassandra


Phillip Henderson, James McMann, Virasu and Erin Storfal


Jess and Amber Nharu


Treya, Goddess of Deceit and those who serve her.

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