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Virasu, Dark God of Wrath

The Burning Soul of Hatred

Dark God of Wrath Virasu

The monstrosity rose from the earth and as it did, the soldiers of the battlefield were fueled with unending rage. They were driven into a madness unlike any other, slaughtering other indiscriminately. Even their own comrades. Sheer unbridled wrath tore across the field. It was him. The Fallen God of Justice.

Divine Domains

Wrath, Justice, Revenge

Holy Books & Codes

The Grimoire of Sin Volume 1: Wrath

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Bloodstained Sword, Fang of the Dragon, Demon horns, Eye of Rage

Tenets of Faith

"Do not commit acts of transgression against others unless you yourself are prepared to faced the same or worse."   "Forgiveness is for those who are too afraid to deal with their problems. Unleash the entirety of you might on your enemies."


Day of Repayment

Divine Goals & Aspirations

To Make known the false prophecy and to get revenge against Avoros and Yahweh.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

No comparable 'healthy' gods

Body Features

Giant size. Cloaked face, hellfire flowing everywhere.

Facial Features

Face is cloaked in shadow

Identifying Characteristics

Everything about him

Special abilities

All demonic arts involving Vengeance, patroning

Mental characteristics

Personal history

After Avoros began perpetuating the false prophecy to solidify the gods' reign, Virasu spoke out against his father, claiming they shouldn't spread lies. That sparked the second Divine War. Virasu and his fellow revolters lost. They were cast down to Xanledash and their divinity instead stood for mortal sins.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Scarring Avoros physically

Failures & Embarrassments

Defeated and condemned to be a Dark God

Intellectual Characteristics

Highly intelligent in all fields except kinesthetic and natural.

Morality & Philosophy

Vengeance is not a sin. It's exacting your own justice. And Anger is the motivator of all greatness.


Lies and Deceit

Personality Characteristics


Wishes to spread the truth about the prophecy and take vengeance against his elder brother Yahweh and his siblings.


Family Ties

Siblings of the other non primal gods. Son of Avoros. Father of Kassandra of Nethylor.

Divine Classification
Dark God
Current Location
Year of Birth
-1453 (13770 years old)
Circumstances of Birth
Born of Avoros and Avira. Therefore gifted with divinity and immortality.
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Pansexual. Gods don't really care. Typically lean straight, though.
Gender Identity
Dark and beady
No Hair
At least 50 feet tall
A lot
Aligned Organization
The Godslayers
Known Languages

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