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Treya, Goddess of Deceit

The Rogue of A Thousand Faces

Goddess of Deceit Treya

Treya is the goddess of all that is concealed. She reigns over lies, thieves, spies, and anyone who controls information. She is a trickster at heart, as she is the youngest of the gods. However, her lack of physical power earns disdain from her siblings and her worshipers.

Divine Domains


Holy Books & Codes

The Undercity Tome

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Treya's Dual Masks, A blind eye

Tenets of Faith

"Information is power. Power is success."


The Rogue's Waltz

Divine Goals & Aspirations

To entertain herself.

Physical Description

Body Features

Body is covered by a large billowing cloak and hood, wearing a golden mask with an eerie smile on it.

Facial Features

Face is unseen

Identifying Characteristics

Her twin masks.

Special abilities

Illusions, sensory deprivation, mind shattering, memory wiping, teleportation and telepathy.

Apparel & Accessories

Her cloak

Specialized Equipment

The Dual masks

Mental characteristics

Personal history

She was born as the last child of Avoros and Avira. Treya contributed to making the world a more entertaining place with the idea of lies. Due to her lack of physical power, her siblings believe her ways are cowardly. She was called the least born. To prove herself among the gods, she set out to kill the Dark Gods. Instead, she had a run in with Virasu's patroned child, George Wickett. She sent her followers on him and his allies, kidnapping two of them and demolishing their castle. Little did she know that he was as wrathful as he was. After recovering his injuries, he infiltrated her cult to set his friends who she captured free. He slaughtered all of her descendants and fought with her. She threw him to Gaian and the battled in Nharuum, destroying their capital in the process. George eventually was able to run his blade through her heart. The titanium poisoned and killed her and George rose to infamy on account of her death.

Failures & Embarrassments

Killed by a mortal.

Intellectual Characteristics

Great Linguistic and interpersonal intelligence.

Personality Characteristics


To be considered equal and worthy among her father and siblings.

Divine Classification
764 C.A. 12811 P.W. 13575 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Born by Avoros and Avira
Circumstances of Death
Powers were reflected by George Wickett's Iani shield. Mind was banished from her body, rendering her dead in technical terms.
Biological Sex
Pansexual. Gods don't care.
Gender Identity
7' 9"
Known Languages
All of them.

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