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Archseraph Gadreel

The Light of New Earth’s Legions


Gadreel is a powerful Seraph from Avira, but is considered a traitor among her kind. Her people’s refusal to tolerate her drove her to the Godslayers, where she now heads the militia's medical department, the aptly named Seraphim Corps.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

As a seraph, she is biologically incapable of being out of shape or ugly. Her body has been conditioned into that of a warrior.

Body Features

Has a pair of feathery wings and smooth, tan skin

Facial Features

Has a symmetrical face and full lips that is covered by a mask she is cursed to never take off until her Oathbreaker curse can be lifted.

Identifying Characteristics


Special abilities

Is afflicted by the Oathbreaker Curse, which causes her to have unnatural negative emotions and use them to use supernatural powers of demonic origin.

Apparel & Accessories

Wears white linen and gold jewelry in varying forms

Specialized Equipment

In battle, she wears her paladin armor from Avira and carries a heavy weapon with a large heater shield.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Inspired by the recent Earthling rebellion, Gadreel started questioning her own beliefs. When she found out those who worshipped her goddess wrongfully burned people alive, she intervened. For this, she was stripped of her power and her wings and cast down. On Gaian, she met George Wickett while on a hunt. He allowed her to join him after nursing her back to health. George brought her back to Draal Nazar and the closeness they’d developed was clear. Kassandra of Nethylor, empowered by George’s desire, encouraged him to assert himself as a king and have multiple women. Unopposed to the idea, George and Gadreel became lovers.


Diploma from the Aviran School of Interpersonal Intelligence

Accomplishments & Achievements

Developed the first hospitals and health care for New Earth.

Failures & Embarrassments

Unable to conceal herself while trying to save innocents.

Intellectual Characteristics

High Intrerpersonal intelligence

Morality & Philosophy

Gadreel is somewhat of a sympathizer to fate. She grew up in a society that actively praised and worshipped the idea of gods and their will. Those ideals have never left her entirely, but she believes that those who turned on her are misguided. Gadreel sees good in the vast majority of people and believes that trying to change someone is better than killing them. She is appalled by reckless condemnation and acknowledges that some people are simply evil by nature. She also has the strongest sense of there existing a moral good and evil among New Earth's leaders. She places her faith in people’s empathy, leading her to take some naïve actions. She has observed the effect that the world has had on others, like George and Kassandra and tries to brighten their lives and make a change, despite her tendencies towards negative emotion as an oathbreaker.


Overt apathy and sadism

Personality Characteristics


Born with the compulsion to help all in need. Wants peace for the world

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Extremely skilled in combat, defense and medical procedures, but horrendous at doing anything even resembling mischief.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes being with friends and making new ones. Dislikes bloodthirsty people and warmongers. Doesn’t really hate anything.

Virtues & Personality perks

Patient, kind, generous, nurturing and compassionate

Vices & Personality flaws

Has a suppressed amount of self loathing and feels too much sympathy for her enemies


Always keeps clean if possible.


Contacts & Relations

Has many former friends in Avira and gets along with near everyone in Draal Nazar, despite her divine origin.

Religious Views

The Gods are going about their rule the wrong way, but there is still good and evil and they are on the side of good.

Social Aptitude

Extremely friendly and cheerful.


Smiles a lot and compliments people


Voice tone is jovial and medium pitched. She speaks a little slowly, expresses her enjoyment and compliments people. She doesn’t swear and she always either seems happy, concerned or hopeful.


George Wickett

Lover (Vital)

Towards Archseraph Gadreel



Archseraph Gadreel

Lover (Vital)

Towards George Wickett




After Gadreel was cast down from Avira for blasphemy, George came across her while on his campaign against Agrua. By their own volition, they became close friends, but under suggestion of Kassandra of Nethylor did they become lovers. George was unopposed to reveling in his status as Warlord of New Earth and Gadreel was fine with sharing.

Relationship Reasoning


Commonalities & Shared Interests

Both want New Earth to prosper.

Shared Acquaintances

Kassandra of Nethylor

Wealth & Financial state

Would live in poverty if George didn’t force her to have some level of comfortable possessions.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Head Nurse
Year of Birth
12175 P.W. 142 Years old
Current Residence
Draal Nazar
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Bright blue
Long and dark
6’ 0”
115 lbs
Aligned Organization
The Godslayers
Known Languages
Eldritch Tongue, common tongue and Aviran
Character Prototype
Modeled after a very wholesome friend of mine if she was forced to break rules.

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