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Transdimensional Blueprints

Transdimensional Blueprints are a lost mechanism to preserve the structural integrity and design of important constructions by encoding an automomous repair process into the fabric of the space in which the building(s) are embedded.   The architectural plans describing atomic locations are understood to be somehow folded inside the 6th, 7th and 8th dimensions of M-brane space. There is a slow vacuum energy leakage, which allows for the repositioning or replacement of displaced atoms and hence the structure is much harder wearing than would be possible with any conventional material.   Transdimensional Blueprints can preserve buildings long past the time when we would expect natural processes to otherwise wear them down, even with constant manual maintenance. The process is not perfect, however. It only operates at a very slow level to stem small scale erosion and minor damage. It is unable to recover from more serious collapses caused by catastrophic environmental failures or deliberate acts of wilful destruction. There is, further, some finite limit to the energy available to draw on to keep things pristine. And finally, quantum decay in the encoded plans is suspected to be a cause of failure to maintain the original design in the very long term, although the strength of this effect is unknown.
Access & Availability
The technology was known to be used by more than one of the ancient species that preceeded the formation of the Society Of Contemporary Races but the technique has since been lost and no contemporary race is capable of creating these blueprints now.   The best known example of a building preserved with Transdimensional Blueprints is probably the Amnyine built, Temple of Chromatic Enlightenment on Silusia Alpha. The Cata-Zin were also capable of some variation of this technology which accounts for the relatively well preserved ruins at Eduoma and Issulon.

Cover image: Keldarchon by DMFW


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