The Golden Eagles In Sedibeng


  Their presence is another product of Chui ambition. The Golden Eagles being one of the earliest the Ndlovu matriarchs set their eyes upon. The Ndlovu had a crisis, controlling an entire nation on foot. It was literally impossible to lead in that situation.   Horses would not work, so they chose flight. There was a great deal of research. They went over animals with flight, from pigeons to full-sized drakes. None of a viable option.  


  And so they thought about winged people. The most viable would, of course, be the Intaka people and their subsets. First to be considered would be the knights. The Knights were stronger than they looked but were far too independent, not willing to work for such limited gains.     Other Matriarchs tried approaching the Black Air Raiders, who were used to living high in supermassive structures. Sadly they were not useful. The act of asking nearly led to a war and the potential conquest of the Sedi region.   Record of the Golden Eagles, with their active rebellion hit the ears of the Ndlovu matriarch. That was that. The research had spoken and the Golden Eagles were the target of all of Sedibeng.   There was a need to get it done, but no means to do it. It needed a near-endless pool of Sedi money.   They got it at the cost of their sovereignty. A nightmare for her people but no one else was looking at the bigger picture. With that pushing them, the matriarch traveled at great risk and bought, literally the children of thousands of Golden Eagles. Taking them, under the approval of the new Golden Eagle leadership who needed the money, more than they needed children in their fight with the near limitless humans.   But to the sweeten the deal, the war trained Qengeba assisted in the Golden Eagle rebellion, even going as far funding the war, along with the rebuilding initiative.  


  The matriarchs worked together to keep an eye on each other in a foreign land but also seeped in the blood of their oldest ancestors.   Every fight was long and hard-fought, completely hostile, but in the end, they'd adopted thousands of orphans. Leaving behind strong children.   The Ndlovu, the Qengeba and the Pikoli, worked together taking them as their own, all for the common goal of working the land. The Golden Eagles, a solid part of the vision.  



Golden Eagles

The Ndlovu-Sana connection with The Golden Eagles is one that started late with The Nobu-Ganga House and The Bantu Houses making inroads very early on. Not only that but with the Cabucabu wars being something they deeply involved themselves into that instead of supporting the Golden Eagles using them as a means of message delivery, this is something of disaster for them, but with their coded messages they feel safe in their ability to still use them. But culturally they have absolutely been locked out.


Culture and cultural heritage

The Golden Eagles are people who have not forgotten their history. They are taught by their elders.


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