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Ntombenhle (a.k.a. Cow Girl)

She wore what he called armoured sandals. They had hard but flexible leather of the type which could never be sewn but rather had to be hammered together with small nails. There were six leather straps tied to cotton, all of which was covered in a bright silver metal. She wore a pair of shin leggings which were quite thick, they even looked layered. She wore shorts from hemp which were hidden behind a leather skirt, coming short of her knees. Further up she wore a top the likes of which he'd never seen before, she wore a striped tunic, diagonal lines of leather ran across her body between the cotton shirt. After every breath she made he could make out a glint of bright steel between her neck and chin. she had pitch black and curly hair and bright and happy brown eyes that he could see even in the darkness of the night. She had soft but somewhat thick features. Under her peculiar armour was the body of a slender but broad shouldered woman, more than a full head shorter than him but just as big. The main difference being that he looked fatter than her.
It took a moment of staring eye to eye but he recognised the face. His own face dropped in utter bewilderment.
"Ntombi?" He asked.
She smiled, her eyes brightened, which appeared impossible considering how bright they looked in the first place. It all added to the thought that her head appeared to be placed on the wrong body and that somewhere some dainty woman was walking around with a scarred scowling face.
"You remember me!" she said wrapping her arms around him. He let out a yelp and dropped himself to the ground before her. He clung to the ground and took deep, heavy breathes. Ntombenhle, you came all this way just to kill us both?" He yelled. She sat up and blinked back what looked to be a tear, she wiped her face and laughed.
"The only time you've used my full name was when you were really angry. I remember that about you."
"Ntombi, why are you here, how did you find me?"
"Honestly, Nceba, I had no clue you were here until you introduced yourself at the gates of, " she paused, but shrugged. "The High Gate, you'd think this city would come up with a better name."
He shrugged, despite himself his inner tour guide found his voice. "It does not need a special name, anyway the Mutale King, dating five hundred years back had only a gate, years later the tiny tower here grew and evolved into the city of The High Gate. But," He said, looking into her eyes. "All this means little in comparison, to you being here." Nceba sighed, never looking away. "Twelve years since I saw you last.
What's happened to you?"
"After you left, I left too, I went to the wizarding school Vusi Ntaba."
"You're a wizard? But I know wizards, don't they stay in-"
"The school? No, not really but leaving is not approved of. Only wizards above apprentice level are allowed to leave freely."
"And you?"
  She pulled up her tunic, Nceba held his breath at the sudden act of undressing but she only showed her stomach, which was amazingly flat, flat as a board with bunched muscles at her hips that made him wonder despite himself. Most of her size had disappeared inside the tunic. Just over her thigh the letter 'A' was branded thickly. She turned and pulled down on the back of her tunic, there was a tattoo of the word 'Jarwha'. Looking deeper he saw there were the start of a much bigger tattoo but she closed it before she put her tunic back in place.

Mental characteristics


The Vusi-Ntaba school of magic where she is an apprentice class wizard. She studied cartography with the help of her mentors and friends, along with the Mental Arts.


She is currently using her Apprentice Class privileges with her friends to take up a fairly well paying job of Map Maker. She and her friends are currently commissioned to be in Mutale and redraw the maps of the Silver peaks and the arachnopit along with the petrified forest as a bonus.   Though they are stepping into a war.

Failures & Embarrassments

One of the biggest hurts in her life was the reality that her 'future husband' left after the trauma of his dad's death, disappearing for so long everyone thought they were dead.

Intellectual Characteristics

She's a well studied mind but not at all an introverted mind, she reads fast, gleams what she needs to use something and then uses it too the best of her ability. Her mind is fairly pragmatic because of it but she ties it fairly well to her super positive attitude.



First Love (Important)

Towards Nceba Willfree



Nceba Willfree

First Love (Important)

Towards Ntombi




They grew up with each other with her being the big fat girl

Nicknames & Petnames

Nceba calls her by her full name when he's upset.

Commonalities & Shared Interests

They both love food.

Current Location
Bright Brown


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