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Louis Carrot


“Do any of you hear anything?” Lois asked.
Bishop hadn’t noticed but Lois hadn’t been paying attention to anything they’d been saying. Bishop couldn’t hear anything outside the ever-constant wind pushing against his body. Though he didn’t doubt Lois for a second. Lois had some of the uncanniest hearing Bishop had ever witnessed from a Black Air Raider.
“What do you hear?” Bishop asked.
“Wings” Lois replied pointing over to the rolling heaven’s needle. Bishop couldn’t see anything. Rolling heaven’s needle or simple the Heaven’s needle, depending on who you are, had the second highest levels of cloud cover, almost as much of that of the Frost needle. Anne’s, Lois’s and Bishops’ wings spread wide showing off their colors and patterns.
Exactly where Lois had pointed black dots appeared out of the clouds they were moving fast, flapping faster and rising high before dropping in a high-speed hover. Lois and Anne armed themselves. Lois held a thin spear of hardened Elder wood pine, coated in a long string of bronze which snaked so tightly against the flexible wood that there was no double layered feel to the thin spear. The spear had a silver and copper at both ends to keep it sharp.
Anne had dropped to one knee holding a long bow which was about 1,4meter in length, just was tall as Anne herself. A long thin arrow was put into place waiting to be pulled and fired at a moment’s notice. The wings were Intaka, Black Ai raider wings.
Intaka, Black Air Raider wings had only two colours. Black or white. Lois’s grip didn’t lesson, Anne’s own bow was pulled taunt.
“Stand down.” Bishop said waving his arms.
“We don’t” Anne began, trying to take a commanding line.
“I do” Bishop said, his own commanding tone overriding hers. “Look closely, it an imperial guard formation.”
“It could be faked very easily.”
“I’d know that middle flyer’s wing patterns anywhere” Bishop replied. “As a former Guard I know it takes practice to maintain such a formation, it’s not so easily copied as you think. It’s designed specifically for distanced flights. The flier from behind exerts only half the energy needed to fly. Both of you stand at attention.”
They did as they were told. They had no choice. Even though Bishop was technically a civilian, he held honorary titles in tribes within the land and within the combined force of the full Black Air Raider army. Anne stood up straight with her bow at her side, Lois followed suit. Bishop flagged them down by spreading his wings wide and flapping them every two seconds before re-spreading them again. The formation changed and they all turned in their direction and within a minute all three had landed with heavy crashes in the grassy topsoil.
Bishop doubted whether Anne or even Lois knew it, but they back tracked a single step. Their presence was awesome, and Bishop suddenly felt old. A wave nostalgia He’d once been a guard, he’d been a hero under the grounds too. The three guards were heavily armoured.
        Name: Lios Carrot Age: (B) 16 DOB: 13th moon, 6th week, 1st day, 365th Hair Colour: Black Hair Type: Buzz Cut Wing Type: Wing with two thin strips. Rival: Anne Franklin


Family Ties

_Linda CarrotFather_ Vusimuzi Carrot


Anne Franklin

Cousin (Vital)

Towards Louis Carrot



Louis Carrot

Cousin (Vital)

Towards Anne Franklin




They've been rivals and best friends from the youngest age with Lios up showing his little cousin for the longest time until she simply started excelling in everything to catch up to him which has forced him to keep pushing, because of it both have become very talented in their wears and are accomplished members of their proud families.

Relationship Reasoning

Their the closest thing to brother and sister they have with each other as they're siblings are both much older than them. They stick close together with Anne being intelligent and wise enough to be with Lois at all times.

Shared Acquaintances

The Entire Fry family are technically distant cousins but are also close friends as they share the same needle.

Current Location
Year of Birth
365 UA -11 Years old
Black, Buzz Cut


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