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Anne Franklin

Private First Class Anne Franklin

Bishop couldn’t help but smirk. Lois and Anne were cousin’s who’d only recently joined the army. They lived on the same mountain as he did, they’d babysat Zandi so many times there were basically honorary Frys in Bishop’s mind. The pair were the most competitive on the Black Thorne. Both were young, sixteen and fourteen. Already she was the team leader of the five-man patrol group watching over the skies. Three of the group were out flying while they rested their wings. It was laughable to see Lois anguish over his many loses in their competition against each other. They were children of his own heart. They reminded him of him. They fought to excel and as the only Franklins in their own age group they could only compete with each other. They, like him, were like arrows piercing through life at a high speed. Only Anne was shot out of a more taunt bow. At two years younger she was moving at the same speed as him and now as a team leader shot past.       Species: Intake, Black air Raider Tribe: Crystal Ram Horn Territory: Rolling Heaven's Needle. Age: (B) 14 (B2) 17 DOB: 12th day, 5th moon or 3rd Day of 2nd week, 367th year.

Physical Description

Body Features

Wing Type: Black with four wide jagged claw stripes.
Skin Tone and type: Pale white skin

Mental characteristics


Novel: Catch She is under the Warchief's employ as a warrior and a soldier. He duty was to look after the perimeter of the Crystal Ram Horn Tribe. But her purpose is not to protect against other Black Air Raiders but instead the dreaded Golden Eagle, a type of massive bird that hunts down Black Air Raider children.


Family Ties

Mother: Mishka Franklin Father: Khaya Franklin


Anne Franklin

Cousin (Vital)

Towards Louis Carrot



Louis Carrot

Cousin (Vital)

Towards Anne Franklin




They've been rivals and best friends from the youngest age with Lios up showing his little cousin for the longest time until she simply started excelling in everything to catch up to him which has forced him to keep pushing, because of it both have become very talented in their wears and are accomplished members of their proud families.

Relationship Reasoning

Their the closest thing to brother and sister they have with each other as they're siblings are both much older than them. They stick close together with Anne being intelligent and wise enough to be with Lois at all times.

Shared Acquaintances

The Entire Fry family are technically distant cousins but are also close friends as they share the same needle.

Current Location
Year of Birth
362 UA -8 Years old
Hazel Brown


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