WorldEmber 2020 Pledge Document

What is World Ember?

What: Write at least 10,000 words of unique worldbuilding
Where: on the World Anvil platform
When: December 1 to December 31
Why: To get inspired, build out your world setting, end the year with a sense of achievement, and get involved in the community!

I, Lethann Aeda, Pledge to make the base goal of 10,000 words for the WorldEmber 2020 Challenge. This is a brand new world and everything is created just for this challenge.

  • Words written in articles only! (Timelines, RPG blocks, Maps, Notes, Secrets or historical events don't count)
  • Words written in PUBLIC and PUBLISHED articles only. 
  • Words written in articles created after December 1st. - Stubs (-50 words) can have date reset and filled out.
  • Articles must be over 50 words to count.
  • All Artwork must be credited.
  • No Plagiarism, wordcount boosting, non-worldbuilding content, etc.
  • All words must be your own original worldbuilding content.
  Please read the Meta for my world to see what I'm hoping to accomplish.  

Things to work on:

Keep track of my Progress Here!
World Ember by World Anvil
World Ember 2020

Cover image: by Lethann Aeda


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20 Nov, 2020 13:46

Great roll table!! I like how my roll result landed on Images (Photoshop) :P   Good luck in WorldEmber!! :D

Creator of the dark fantasy world of Melior
I also make worldbuilding resources!
21 Nov, 2020 14:59

LOL, at least that's one thing you can work on before WE starts. That gives me an idea to actually go create a stockpile to pull from for when I start writing. Inspiration for the table came from when I decided to try and stream at least some of my worldbuilding. An attempt to avoid "choice paralysis".

by Lethann Aeda

Costuming Challenge Article: Divine Vestments
22 Nov, 2020 07:34

This looks amazing. Best wishes!

Cheers, all!
22 Nov, 2020 07:43

Thanks so much! Followed your world as well so let's try our best. ^_^

by Lethann Aeda

Costuming Challenge Article: Divine Vestments
22 Nov, 2020 07:46

Consider me cheering you on!

Cheers, all!