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Celestial Steel

Celestial Steel is a kind of metal that is not native to The Azure Sea, but one that is mined from particular places which experienced meteor strikes in the distant past. The most productive location known is the huge Rel Crater in the Western Commonlands, where the Dwarves mine it.   Through secret methods the Dwarves have been able to work the steel ore into unique items that, amongst other unusual properties, have the ability to store and hold magical effects. This, along with the relative rarity of the ore, has made Celestial Steel a highly prized and especially valuable resource.   The refined steel itself is forged from ore, which is most commonly found as a rainbow-coloured geode. Once properly forged the steel is a bright, shiny, smooth, and light-coloured metal. It weighs around half the weight of normal steel and is much stronger and harder. Some dwarven smiths have discovered a way of refining the ore that retains the rainbow-colouration in the finished metal.   Celestial steel is not only used for the forging of powerful items, but the metal itself is highly coveted as a status symbol. Priests of Celestian in particular value it highly, believing it to be made from the fallen tears of their god.   Celestial Steel does not tarnish with time and is often carved by the smiths with runes as a means of holding magical charges.  


A celestial steel shield by Unknown

ranbow celestial steel ring.jpg

A rainbow celestial steel ring by Unknown

celestial steel geode.jpg

A Celestial Steel Geode by Unknown

Item type
Raw Material
Current Location
Very Rare
Star Metal, Rainbow Steel

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Cover image: Important Items by Unknown


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