Lwakra is a strange, powdery material found solely in the Crystal Lake. Its properties were first discovered by the Lake mer by accident. Since then, the discovery of its magical properties in addition to the vivid blue dye has caused its demand to greatly spike, though knowledge of this powder is not incredibly widespread. Many in Ealdora have tried to work with it, to market it in a large sense but it's worth never truly took hold and soon they stopped trying. For now, Lwakra is a wonderful secret used mainly by the lake mer and immediately surrounding areas.


Material Characteristics

It is a deep blue powder, chalky to the touch when in its pure form.

Physical & Chemical Properties

The powder has natural magical dispelling properties and is used as a warding agent or defense against scrying and spells. It has no smell or taste, and the color is easily covered by paints or decoration. This makes it virtually undetectable.

Geology & Geography

It is only found in the crystal lake or along the shores in the sand or coating the rocks.

History & Usage

Everyday use

It's used in dyes and magical warding usages. Mainly used by the nations surrounding the crystal lake.

Cultural Significance and Usage

To the Lake mer's, Its specific color is only ever used in ceremonial robes. It holds great importance to the Mer's, but not so much that its usage in other places is disrespectful.


Above water, Lwakra is extracted from the water and dried much like salt from oceans. After this, depending on its intended use, it is either worked into a condensed liquid form for vibrant dyes or made into a paste for magical warnings.

Enviromental Impact

If Lwakra is left untouched on a stone for long periods of time, the stone begins to take on a crystalized appearance, getting translucent and glittery. In the water, it thickens it so the water is naturally calmer and gives the same crystalized feel until the calm is broken.
12gp per bottle
No smell
No taste
Deep Navy blue
Common State
Related Species


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