Crystal Lake

The Crystal Lake is technically more of an inland sea, only being refused to as a lake because the first man to officially document it was a drunk idiot who referred to it as a lake. The entire thing is massive, being a complete biome and mini little world under the water.


The waters are, on a majority, around 515 ft deep. Near the shore, especially in the north, there are some shallower sections. The parts that are sand have a strange blueish tint to them, as well as some leftover crystallization. This is caused by Lwakra, a material that can be used both as a blue dye when treated right or as a magic protecting film. If there is no sand, then the rocks take over. After long exposure to the waters, the rocks begin to take on the same crystalized feel. Some compare the effect to Waw Crystal, but These stones have no outstanding magical properties. Some people claim the rocks can disperse magical energy, but this has not been proven. The Sea has one large chasm that stretches down to impossible depths, possibly even reaching past The Underdark, though none have ventured too far into its depths to find out. The deeper you go, the more crystalized things appear, sometimes even appearing pearlescent.

Fauna & Flora

There are several types of seaweed that grow in the Lake, some of them having some interesting appearances after being exposed to the Lwakra for long periods of time. Their leafy tendrils in the process of turning into the crystal, swaying in the water sending mini rainbows like a kaleidoscope over the lake floor. 

Any fish in the area look much the same, being of varying size but all having a glittering, crystalline appearance. Younger fish do not appear this way, looking more like normal fish with brighter colors and smooth scales, but the older the fish, the more bleached and glittery they appear. This effect has also effected the Lake-mers, though only their fish parts and scales, open flesh not being affected by the Lwakra.

Natural Resources

The main natural Resources is Lwakra. This powder is what brings about the other strange and unique features of the lake, such as the crystal-like rocks and the glittering waters.


For centuries, people were been afraid to both enter or even live near the water for fear of the growing rumors of Sirens and beasts in the water, only perpetuated by the random and greatly exaggerated sightings of Lake-mers and their many pets near the coast. It wasn't until some families from the coast came and settled near the lake and made friends with the lake-mers that the ice was broken and people ventured closer. Still, People were wary, never going so deep where they couldn't touch the lake floor.

Under the water, things were very different. The Lake creatures excelled, developing complex cultures and interesting machines before even thinking about venturing up to the surface. On the rare occasion they did, There was great fear of getting caught and put on display by the land walkers like their racial siblings down in the Siren Seas. This caused them to be incredibly cautious of the surface, using the Lwakra to hid their civilization from the upper world. It was only when one of their young got separated from their school and saved a drowning child that they began to get bolder, eventually realizing these land walkers had little desire to put them on display in zoos or steal their scales. They still stayed slightly removed from the land walkers, though relationships and trade have developed between the different cultures, all learning happily from each other.


People come from all over the East and some of the rich from the west to visit its stunning beaches. The crystallization of the stones combined with the blue sands and gentle, crystal waters makes the beaches incredibly magical and highly relaxing.
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