Golden Mountain

The Golden Mountain stands a beacon in the East, glimmering and shinning gold when light hits in. It's peak disappears far into the clouds and it has never actually been seen by any living creature. Some say when you die you come to rest on its peak before heading to the first Shudake. This mountain is easily the tallest point of Pangella and contains many different minerals and caves that stretch deep into the earth. The Golden Mountain even holds one of the largest entrances into the The Underground. During the day, the mountain glints in the sun, guiding all who are lost to it. during the night, The mountain appears to burn, radiating all the heat it gathered through the day.


Like most mountains, The Golden one is comprised of rock and stone. In reference to its monumental size, There is very little smaller stones or boulders to be found, all securely wedged in place due to the Komakor near the mountains creation. Because of this, there are few fissures or cracks anywhere near the base of the mountains, though they grow slightly more common the further up you go. 

Despite its height and location, there is very little snow, if any all all, no matter how high you climb. This leaves the thin golden sheen covering most of the mountain ample opportunity to glimmer and sheen in the sun and moon light.

Fauna & Flora

Due to its rocky terrain, there is very little vegetation that grows, getting more and more sparse the higher you traverse, like usual. Most of the vegetation is thin and sickly, though it too carries a thin golden sheen or yellowed elements. Most trees produce fruit, even if they are not supposed to. Some mountain climbers report that they saw thick vegetation much further up the mountain than it should be. They alway report it being just on the edge of eyesight, further up than should be possible, and always further than they can climb. Many put these rumors to bed saying they are the product of the lack of oxygen or a mirage on the glimmering gold. Some hold on to the rumors though, and many believe it points to the final resting place of Aria.

Natural Resources

Hundreds of raw minerals are found in its depths, like Sym, gold, diamonds, sapphires, iron, silver, emeralds, and many other less flashy but expensive minerals.
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