A strange, self isolated group of Water Nymphs that made their home in the ever changing, Kaleidoscopic Destiny River. These Nymphs are very territorial and have developed extreme ill will towards any Mer-FolkTritons included even though they have had little to no contact with them. They are wild people, governed much like the chaotic waters they live in.

Naming Traditions

Unisex names

There is very little definition between genders so most names are unisex. They also have a habit of stealing names that echo down over the Glass Cliffs, often only getting parts of the name, like Thew, Saraa, Elwin, Farin, Jacline, and Merl.

Family names

They often keep names that fit their family values or personality such as Swift, Brave, Tenas, or Amity. Occasionally they can be in other languages but the Eklashi have an unprecedented curiosity with Common

Other names

The Eklashi often change names several times in their lives, choosing ones that appeal to them more in the moment.


Major language groups and dialects

They speak common mainly, having moved away from Deep Speak to better separate themselves from the Mer-Folk.

Culture and cultural heritage

In many ways, the Eklashi are very similar to other Water Nymphs in their culture, only that they are against strangers and outsiders trying to enter their territory or infringe on their culture.

Common Dress code

Like other Nymphs, they don't wear clothing. When confronted by those who do, they are often confused and slightly offended their guests want to "hide" from them. A common reaction is they will attempt to rip the clothes away in an attempt to "free" them.

Art & Architecture

Most of their expression is auditory, through music and song. They have created several instruments that work both above and below water to create incredible songs rarely heard by outsiders. 

Like Goblins there is little concept of private property or privacy meaning most of their buildings are simple, open spaces where water can flow easily.


Beauty Ideals

Since their physical bodies are fluid, there is little desire to appeal to others that way. Instead, voice and words are what the Eklashi find enchanting and alluring. Fluid, eloquent words and clear notes are incredibly attractive to them.

Courtship Ideals

Assertive Nymphs will often sing lonely songs near the surface, waiting till another either matches or harmonizes with it. When this happens, the Waw Crystal erupts into color and song, reacting to the beautiful melodies. Then the nymphs spend time together, much like dating but less casual, to determine if the match is good in the long run as well as the short.
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