Destiny River

The Destiny River splits The Tail from the rest of Pangella. Its about 2 miles wide at its shortest, and 6-7 at its widest, though it stretches deeper than most people would swim down. Inside this straight, the waters are rough, forced together from two opposing currents in a constant, never ending war. This is where the Siren Seas and the Southern Ocean hash out all their difficulties and differences, and it is not uncommon to see the two different waters refusing to mix and mingle, stubbornly staying separate in two vividly different colors. What most people don’t know is that this straight is the native home of a district group of Water Nymphs that call themselves the Eklashi people. They are often only perceived as disembodied voices that drift over the water, scaring away most others with their songs.


This straight is magnificent to view from above, the mixed teal and navy waters framed by the crystal of the Glass Cliffs. The sea spray glittering in the refracted light, the roar of the turmoil down below. It is quite a sight to behold, its power mystifying to onlookers. The closer you get to the waters, however, the more dangerous things get. Moss and algae cover the stones and crystal, making them hard to navigate. The shriek of the waves and voices is amplified considerably, aided by the spars Waw Crystal strewn throughout the cliffs. The water is deep, too deep to peer though and make out the bottom, and it swirls hungrily, reaching up to drag you down into its depths.


Like many other places of wonder and notice, this straight has been left almost untouched by outsiders. The natives hold control over the land simply because most others are too afraid of the environment to attempt to take it over. Over the years thee have been a few territory arguments between the Eklashi and some Sirens Looking for better hunting grounds but the waters proved to rough for them in the long run.

In 568 the Cove mers placed a barrier in place to keep these name able waters in their place as well as keep the sirens and other monsters from spreading into their waters. This both enraged and placated the Eklashi for while they were trapped, no outsiders would enter. Since then, there have been few problems regarding territory disputes.


To the straight it’s self, there is little tourism, because people are afraid of getting caught in the waters, but many people come to view both the Glass Cliffs and the Destiny River together near the top of the chasm. Besides its beauty, which i have already discussed at some length, people are drawn to this river because of a rumor. In this rumor people say the voices heard in the roar of the waves can guide travelers on quests and point you in the direction of your destiny. This is, in fact, where the river got its name from, ever since a group of adventurers claimed the whispers led them to a huge treasure trove they had been searching for.

After taking this one step further, some people believe if you drink the mixing waters, you are granted visions of the future. This is not confirmed, neither is it extremely plausible in the face of the evidence. All those who look to test this theory never return to the top of the caves. whether this is because they died or left on an adventure is currently unknown.

Flora and fauna


Natural recources

While you can find Waw Crystal Imbedded in the cliffs, they are very rare in the river. The most common recourse Found in the water its self is the different seaweeds and their medicinal purposes. These plants can also be worked into a fabric like material sed commonly by the Eklashi, though the process is a carefully guarded secret. Some of the more sofisticated places have spent the money to pump some water out every year for baths and spa purposes, believing the mixture of the two waters causes healing and relaxing properties to emerge. This water is not advertised as from the destiny river, just as treated water.
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Haunted waters, death channel
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