Glass Cliffs

These cliffs are often paired directly with the Destiny River since they are right next to each other. These cliffs are located on the southern most edge of Pangella between the coast and The Tail. It was carved and deepened by the destiny river over a supposed millenia.


These cliffs are deep, easily over 700 miles high in most places of sheer rock and crystal. These cliffs are about 500 miles long of glittering crystal that refracts the light and causes extreme heat in that area. This causes a wonderful sight, the refraction causing hundreds upon thousands of rainbows to emerge, stretching along these cliffs entire height and length. These cliffs are covered almost exclusively in a crystalline material that looks extremely like glass, appearing either clear or, in some places, metallic. These rocks appear more metallic the closer you get to the straight, the water mixture possibly having an effect on the crystal. In addition to this crystal, you could occasionally find pit and pieces of Waw Crystal that seems to radiate a light of its own. These crystals provide the backup tune to whatever the voices that echo up the cliffs from the waters surface.

Fauna & Flora

On the cliffs themselves there is little life found there. There is not enough soil for ordinary plant life to grow, and the whip would have ripped them up from their roots anyway. Some no ordinary plants do grow, though they are still in the process of being defined and documented seeing as repelling deep into these cliffs is incredibly dangerous.

As for Fauna, there are many animals and beasts that make their home on these cliffs. The majority is different types of birds, from seagulls to the Kirthung albatross which are found almost exclusively on these cliffs. There are few non avian creatures that live here, though there are some that burrow into the many cave systems, such as the Ngri Spider in the Cave of Mirrors.

Natural Resources

The crystal that forms on the cliff is often taken to be turned into cheap mirrors and fancy decor. It is often used as imitation Waw Crystal for those that can’t afford that specialty. For that reason, this crystal is practically banned in Krekkon. People also take the time to hunt the albatrosses for their kalidescopic feathers for decorations and clothing.


These cliffs have been here since the great forgetting, obviously, and as such they have seen many a century pass them by. for much of that, not much intelligent life wandered close to its edges due to the strange array of lights that seemed to perpetually hang over the area. Around the 900's, however, people plucked up the courage to approach the edge and appreciate the natural beauty the cliffs provide. After that, the natives of the land seemed to flock to the edge, building resorts and small, exclusive communities that mine the cliffs of their healing aura, even if it is all psycosomatic. Currently, the cliffside is the location of many different resorts and spas, their quality only rivaled by those in Rundune.


it was only within the last 500 years that people got over their fear of the strange lights and sounds and visit the strange place. since then, people have built hundreds of resorts specializing in the healing effects of wind, water, and especially light, capitalizing on the strange phenomena of the coast. These resorts are often either a part of or close to a small town or community where people can stay if they are not staying in the resort itself.
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