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Ju-Tiye Aru Ceremony

There have been times in our history when a Ju-Tiye is held at every three-moon rising. And there are times when years may pass without a soul to honor.
— Letter from a Dheise to the Arthenarian
  A ju-tiye is simply the Dheizei term for an honor ceremony. They usually attempt to hold them coinciding when all three moons of Thaiterra are full in the sky, which happens fairly regularly.   The ju-tiye Aru is specifically meant for scouts, a position of inherent honor within their culture anyway. Those who seek the paths the rest of them will safely walk are incredibly important.   Having a ceremony specifically devoted to the scouts is rare, simply because they are usually held in high enough accord that particular honor is not needed. As such, this ceremony becomes more about the retiring of scouts, when they shift from their active positions into more stable life among the clan. It's a way of affirming their previous actions and acknowledging that the honor incurred from that will not go away now that they're settling down.   The ceremony is held for a group of scouts, all together, because there's only so many resources for parties. Also the scouts usually tend to work as something of a unit, learning together and eventually reaching the stage of life where they would want to move on at about the same time.   If there are any Nadjana Scouts among the group, they are afforded particular honor, but otherwise it's meant to be the tribe or tribes honoring the scouts as a whole.


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