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Nadjana Scout

For a scout to be named Nadjana is one of the highest marks of respect that can be given. No one would dare to take the name who was not given it, for fear of tainting one of our proudest traditions, dating back to the earliest days of the hunts of the garruw. It would also be rather stupid as far as claims go, considering there's not a child of the tribes who doesn't know the name of every living Nadjana.
— A letter from a Dheise to the Arthenarian 
  To be named Nadjana is to be considered the apex of the scouting tradition, which is significant among the Dheizei. As they live a nomadic life, it's important to know where to go.   A Nadjana is one who has faced the storms, been struck by lightning, and survived. Sort of. Mostly. It refers to a particular set of circumstances leading up to that as well. They must have been acting as a scout and working to preserve the tribe in some way. And the key factor afterwards is survival.   Unlike most other such titles, it comes from survival against the elements instead of against the Garruw. As such it comes from a unique condition, one partially based on luck and on skill, it's rare to be given out.   It is possible for a Weinadi to survive a lightning strike, but it takes careful treatment and it also takes a lot of willpower on behalf of the person who was struck. Many physically strong people have fallen shortly after to the neurological damage inflicted. It takes a very mentally strong person to heal properly from the damage.


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