Lunar Dragonflight

Naming Traditions

Family names

Lun De Draco





Other names

The vast majority of names within the Lunar Dragonflight follow conventions of being related to the moon, it's phases, the tides, or night time.


Major language groups and dialects


Average technological level

The Lunar Flight is most well known for their advancements of many forms of magic, even beyond Lunar Magic. Illusions, spells that have been worked into every day life all around the world are the most notable for having been developed by them.

Common Etiquette rules

Lunar dragons are much harsher in their body language than other races, and much more quick to react to slights and much more harshly.

Art & Architecture

Most structures built by the Lunar Dragonflight are typically done out of white stone or ice.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

This flight is known for their incredible displays under the new and full moon, where hundreds of dragons of all ages will gather to the highest point they can to sing and display themselves. Often these traditional songs are many thousands of years old, unchanged since their creation.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

Dragons born to high ranking members within the Lunar flight are highly celebrated. Their eggs are bathed in the light of the moon and pools of water on every new and full moon until they hatch, and often decorated with silver, opals, and meteorites. Young dragons will continue these rites until their first flight.

Coming of Age Rites

When a lunar dragon reaches the sub adult stage, they are brought before Neia herself for a blessing of long life and marked with paints depicting the myths, history, and stories of the flight.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Like most dragons, the Lunar Flight participates in mortuary cannibalism. Upon death, a body is bathed under the light of the moon, and ritually butchered by members of their flight before the sun is allowed to rise- the tongue and mane returned to the temple of the moon. Often, the mane is tanned into leather and is used at the temple to record major events that occurred during that dragon's life and stored among the libraries in its walls.

Common Taboos

Among Lunar dragons, it is strongly taboo to associate with Omnia in any context. Those who do are heavily punished, killed by their clan mates, or exiled to other flights as a traitor. Traitors are marked by scarification, either cutting or burning a Divine Runic sigil meaning 'lunar danger' into the flesh with magic or claw. Criminals to the flight often have their status advertised on The Lunar Guidestones that often mark the outskirts of their territory.   Due to their tedious relationship with the Solar Flight, it is also considered a taboo for Lunar dragons to use solar magic, although this offense is not enough alone to mark someone a traitor. Lunar dragons are also show a great disdain for other races and even other dragonflights, unwilling to associate with them and regard anyone as their equals. Those who do are often regarded as outcasts and low status.   From a young age, lunar dragons are trained in the ways of magic and those without skill often regarded as failures and a shame to their family.


Beauty Ideals

The Lunar Flight idealizes those who are in the image of Terra's moon- Silver, white, or pale blue or purple scales and fur, with canine-like features such as long snouts, furred manes, and long and slender necks. Antlers are a common feature among those considered beautiful in their flight, in the image of their leader, Neia. Dragons with dark hides, such as black, grey, dark blue, and dark purples are considered to be the image of the New Moon, and a blessing upon a family.   It is theorized that the Lunar Flight was once much more diverse than it is in the current day, older members of the flight displaying a much wider array of traits. Many elder members of the flight also display traits common to the Solar Dragonflight, as many are the children of their leader, Aien Sol De Draco with Neia Lun De Draco. Much of this diversity is lost in younger generations. Current theories dictate that the flight drove out most members not fitting their ideals of beauty and all who were not highly dedicated to their cause.

Courtship Ideals

The flight's xenophobia is well known, especially to outsiders of the flight who attempt to court their members. Outsiders are often shunned and prevented from courting members of the lunar flight, heavily discriminated against, and may find themselves branded as traitors, spies, and assassins unprompted. This has led to a culture in the current day in which the Lunar Flight does not actively seek out new members and rarely will court others, as most of their population is descended from their leader, Neia. Courting is only allowed in high profile members of the flight to allies who have proven themselves to their leader themselves, after decades of suspicion and intense scrutiny from the lunar dragons. Lower ranked members of the flight are generally not allowed to seek out mates at all by those higher in rank, though it still occurs in secret, with members regularly leaving the flight's territory to find other dragons to seek out relationships with.   This was not always the case, with the alliance of the Solar and Luanr flights having been a pivotal point in their history in which dozens of members of both flights courted one another and led to new bloodlines being created. Both flights' leaders, Neia and Aien, also courted and became mates.

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