Marleven (mar-LEV-in)

Marleven, the City of Colorful Banners, is the County seat of Countess Saris Marjoleine whose lands include the entirety of the Border Marches (Making her a Marchioness as well as a Contess), up to a slightly porous border with the Arborvast, the huge temperate forest of the northwestern Wild Wastes.   Marleven is built on a series of narrow mountain peaks around which the buildings are clustered one on top of another in a unique structure combining wood and stone buildings with canvas and woven hemp roofs and awnings, stacked vertically and horizontally into something more like a giant cloth ziggurat than a city of individual structures, though it has plenty of standalone buildings as well. The city is broken up into various districts dictated by elevation, color scheme, and proximity to landmarks like Temple Peak, the Arena, the Racetrack and the Temple of Danildee, goddess of joy and good fortune, the patron deity of the city.


  • Marleven, City Map
    An overhead view of Marleven with the major districts and landmarks labeled.
Sunset behind Western Marleven, with several landmarks visible including the horse track, temple peaks, and Countess Marjoleie's residence, with a glimpse of the red roof of the combat arena at the northeast end of the city.


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