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Katie Kroswicka

The Book-Reading Vampire Princess

Kathleen Elsa Kroswicka (a.k.a. Katie)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Katie looks normal. Astonishingly normal. She has no extra or missing of muscle, no extra or missing fat, and has fairly average features. She's a little pale, but overall pretty standard.

Body Features

Pale skin. She has sharp black raven hair that usually goes down to the small of her back.

Facial Features

Heart shaped face.

Identifying Characteristics

Katie has a few scars on her back from her time at Project Orlock. She also has a tattoo on the inside of her wrist of her prisoner number.

Physical quirks

Right handed. Hip sway walk.

Special abilities

Katie, in addition to her increased speed, strength, stamina and charisma from her vampire nature, Katie is also a natural magician. While she has never actually studied using magic, she instinctively has performed sanguimancy without knowledge and is even capable of a supposedly impossible form of it.

Apparel & Accessories

Katie likes to wear black and blue. She also always wears her charm bracelet.

Specialized Equipment

Katie does not carry any equipment with her.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Katie was born to Tomas and Klaudia Kroswicka. A part of a major crime family, they associated heavily with Marcus Silvos. They used him as a way of cleaning up after their messes. Long story short, he decided to hold them to account for using him and when he found out they were pregnant, demanded their daughter become a vampire like him. This was in response to the massacre that his clan was currently going through. He wanted more people to be apart of his clan. He also had the selfish desire to raise a child of his own. His offer did not go as planned. Tomas and Klaudia did indeed give him their first born (the evilness of that was not lost on Marcus) and then suddenly cut ties with him and everyone connected to him. Marcus could have probably found them if he wanted to, but he decded to take his victory and live with it.   He raised Katie as his own daughter. He taught her how to be a vampire, and how to be a refined lady. Katie took to her lessons like a duck to water, and by 15 she was hired as a Governess to a local noble family. She did this for about a year, and was fairly accomplished at it, and fit right in with nobility. It was around this time she learned what sex was and this eventually lead her to realize that Marcus was not her father. The secret boiled within her for two full years, until on her 18th Birthday, she finally snapped and confronted Marcus about it.   Marcus explained what had happened, and that while she wasn't his biological daughter, he still loved her very much. In a huff, she left. She stormed out, and moved to the Netherlands. She lived there for about 10 years, working as a Governess for another noble family. During this time she saved up her money to go on a four year trip to Poland to find her biological family and maybe make things up with Marcus.   She never met her family in this time, but after two years she did reunite with Marcus. The two were very happy to see each other again, and the two spent a good two years together, before Katie had to go back to the Netherlands. She went back, and started saving up to actually move back to Poland. This took her about 3 years. During that time, she decided it would be better to move to England - Marcus moved around a lot and she'd need time away from Poland to hide her lack of aging.   In England, she studied to become a professional teacher. She lived in England for 22 years, occasionally visiting Poland time and again to return home and seeing Marcus whenever she could. She actually really enjoyed England, because it had easy ways to get blood without getting noticed in this time.   In 1900 exactly, she returned to Poland, this time for good. She made a home for herself and got a job as an English teacher at a public school. Changing from a governess to a teacher was an interesting shift, but one she took too well and one that suited her. She lived this way up until 1917, when the First World War finally came metaphorically home. Vampires tend to swarm around a war, and the result of this was a minor subwar between them that Katie got conscripted into. Her job was essentially to make sure that humans never found the vampires who prowled the night.   It was during this time tragedy struck. She and Marcus were out together, and a group of vampire hunters attacked them. Marcus was supposedly murdered, and dragged away. Katie fell into despair and ostensibly deserted her post. She spent the next 22 years living in her house, not having a job and essentially drinking wine to survive. Without Markus she had lost a reason for living. It turned out a good number of other vampires in her clan had also been killed during this war, leaving Marcus - and thus, her - as the Clan Leader. Not that she cared.   The Nazi invasion of Poland snapped her out of her funk. While she still took to the bottle, she eventually went to trying to find her biological family. She, eventually, found her younger brother Oswin, the only survivor of her generation or before, who was 90 years old. She met her niece and nephew, and their children. This changed her attitude, and she even took the Kroswicka name as a way of showing a respect for where she came she got back in to teaching, this lasted about a year until, in 1940, she got herself drunk and attacked a couple of Nazis on the street who were harassing someone. They shot her, and when she didn't die, she was immediately taken into custody. From here, she was sent to Camp Nosferatu, a strange and horrible place run by a man named Dr. Fulter. He was convinced he could give the Fuhrer an army of immortal, obedient vampires. For 3 years, she was tortured in the name of the "science" of Project Orlock. It was also here that she first met Ashley Xavier, who fell in love with her but more or less tortured her up until 1943 when Project Orlock was destroyed by Ashley and let her out. The two spent about three days together before Ashley's pushiness basically caused Katie to run all the way to France.   It was in France she stayed until the end of the war, when Ashley found her again. Katie then moved to Italy.   What followed was almost forty years of Ashley following Katie and Katie moving somewhere else to try and hide from her. She lived in Orleans, Rome, Paris, Bucharest, Warsaw, Kent, Kessel, London, Cardith, Las Angeles, Pensacola, Toronto, and Buffalo. It was while living in Buffalo, New York that suddenly in 1984 that Ashley just...stopped bothering Katie for some reason. Katie got herself an actual teaching certifaction in a college and became a 5th Grade Teacher. In 1987 she became a counselor of Camp Happy, a camp for children who are humanly challenged, and has been running that ever since too. She still keeps an on the Kroswicka family, though form a distance.


Katie has had very little formal education. She spent 8 years studying to become a teacher, but beyond that everything she learned was as a master/apprentice or from experience.


Katie was technically never formally employed until 1878. She worked as governess before then at various noble and wealthy houses. She worked at various schools until 1917, when she got involved in the war and didn't rejoin society until 1943. She never stayed at schools very long as she moved to hide from Ashley.   She currently works at a public school n Buffalo and as a camp counselor for a summer camp for the humanly challenged.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Helping Ashley take down Project Orlock was probably her favorite thing she ever did. Other then that, she considered every child she ever saw graduate a little successes.

Failures & Embarrassments

The years she spent in Poland drinking and doing nothing else are her biggest disappointment. She also has been disappointed by one or two of her students who grew up to be...bad.

Mental Trauma

Katie has some minor PTSD from her time in Project Orlock. She will often have nightmares about it, and doesn't like going into science labs. Thankfully as a 5th Grade teacher she doesn't have to do that.

Intellectual Characteristics

BEST INTELLIGENCE: Logical-Mathematical, Interpersonal
WORST INTELLIGENCE: Musical, Existential

Morality & Philosophy

Katie doesn't really understand what "being a good person" might be on a complex philosophical level. She just thinks helping people is a good thing.


Hurting children and being a Nazi are really the only two things that Katie will never do. She also tries hard not to swear. She also has a seething rage for anyone who lies to children or harms them with, say, homeopathy or other pseudosciences.

Personality Characteristics


Wants to make sure people grow up happy and health. Wants the next generation to succeed where the previous one failed.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

GOOD AT: Reading, teaching, being proper
BAD AT: Nothing in particular, but she's not really good at anything besides teaching.

Likes & Dislikes

FAVORITE TEACHER: Hypatia of Alexandria
FAVORITE WINE: Vintage Italian Wine
MOST HATED FOOD: Anything spicy
MOST HATED PEOPLE: None, but she gets frustrated with homeopathy
MOST HATED WINE: Any of them that come in those stupid boxes.

Virtues & Personality perks

Patient, kind, compassionate, sweet and loving.

Vices & Personality flaws

Slow to take action, will occasionally let people walk over her

Personality Quirks

Bites her fingers when she's very stressed.
Grabs her arms together when she's angry.
Bites her lip when she's sad.
Tilts her head and smiles when she's feeling smug


Katie makes sure to keep herself clean and trimmed at all times.


Religious Views

Katie used to be a Christian, but has since identified as an agnostic.

Social Aptitude

Katie is very good with people, and is usually pretty amiable. While she doesn't like discussing complicated topics, especially politics, and will stop any conversation in that regard and is also good at that.


Katie is actually very good with people, and makes it a point to try and teach everyone she spends with more 15 minutes with, and to try and learn something from them.

Hobbies & Pets

PETS: None HOBBIES: Katie is a very classy wine connoisseur. When she's got the time, she'll go to wine tastings and even go on occasions to her home.


Katie is soft spoken and has since lost her Polish accent.


Katie Kroswicka

Stalkee (Important)

Towards Ashley Xavier



Ashley Xavier

Stalker (Important)

Towards Katie Kroswicka




Katie and Ashley met in Project Orlock. Katie was tortured, and Ashley was often the one who did it, because she liked Katie. Katie did not exactly enjoy being tortured, and when the two of them eventually got together and escaped, she thought maybe Ashley was forced into doing the horrible things. That was not entirely accurate. Ashley, meanwhile, was utterly infatuated with Katie and her strength, and wanted to spend more time with her, but she was unable to overcome the violent nature of her curse and began to harm Ashley on her own accord. She tried to explain it to Katie, but Katie did not care - she still hurt her. The two played cat and mouse ever since, with Katie being afraid of Ashley and Ashley wanting to be with Katie and then snapping.

Wealth & Financial state

Katie has enough money as being one of the three survivors of the Silvos Clan, but she actually prefers rather modestly. That money is spent benifitting others or running away from Ashley.

Neutral Good
Year of Birth
1847 (171 years old)
Circumstances of Birth
Adopted right after her birth as part of a large agreement.
Warsaw, Poland
Current Residence
Buffalo, New York
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Blue, sharp. Yellow when she's thirsty, red when she's raging.
Long, raven black
Below average
Quotes & Catchphrases
If I see a kid go home happy, I've done my job.
Aligned Organization
The Silvos Family
Known Languages
POLISH: Fluent
FRENCH: Conversational
DUTCH: Conversational

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