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010. An Investigation Proceeds and a Nightly Meeting

General Summary

The night proceeds peacefully.   In the morning the innkeeper hands them the following letter she found in that day's potato delivery:  
To the Elf shouting in the market.
I will hear what you have to say.
Come to Sylvan Alley today at midnight.

— Letter found in the potato delivery of the Blastwood Inn
  A bit of blue liquid has been spilled on the paper. It glows slightly. Gram Crackers attempts indentification by licking it, and determines it to be alcoholic in nature.   Gimdalf spots a glowing blue bottle on the shelves behind the bar, and promptly requests two shots, at 1 gp each. He drinks one, and spills the other over the letter. He determines that this looks similar to what is already on the paper, only a lot brighter. The bottle announces it was brewn at the Imarga Brewery.   The party decides that Gram and Macca Ni will scout out the brewery, while Gimdalf will buy supplies and inform about the wagon Gram would like to buy. He then proceeds to meditate in the Nej Apple Yard.   Gram and Macca have a tour of the non-secret bits of the Brewery and decide against buying a gift bottle of Gin for Gimdalf, because of the price.   Sara Ijiri allowed them into their warehouse under accompanyment of Johnson to investigate the disappearance of a crate of Gin, after finding out they are adventurers working on a case against the Red Dot Gang.   Gram finds a hinged grate to the Sewers that was almost hidden by the packed dirt of the warehouse floor. Faded tracks lead from this grade to the stack of Gin crates, and back to it again. The brewers smack themselves on the head for not considering the floor grate as an entryway.   Gram enters the sewers by jumping through the grate, straight into the water. She walks along the sewer walkway north until exiting as a Bone spider through a grate at the edge of the market. Where she makes a ruccus and attracts two City Guards.   The guards, after Gram changed back and informed them she is a druid, warned her against changing into scary animals in the middle of the city. Gram gave them a sealed letter for the guard Captain. Stating that The Legendary Beetles will meet the Red Dot Gang in the Sylvan Alley. And to send a guard to the inn in the morning, to check if everything went alright. She also tells them about the sewer grate in the brewery, and that they suspect it to be a primary method of movement for the gang.   Meanwhile Macca checks with the head brewer to see if any of the brewers could be working with the gang. Sara, who takes off her mask, so that Macca can see her face while she talks with him, says she doesn't think anyone currently working there would be able to conceive cooperating with the gang as something they could do. Their minds don't work that way.   After Gram has washed herself in the river, and they have met up with Gimdalf (who was half an hour late at their 1 o-clock meeting at the market), the party has lunch in the inn.   Eggs and bacon, eggs and bacon and spicy eggs and bacon. There is an almost-food-fight.  

Meeting the Lieutenant

  That evening, the party scouts out the meeting location. The two warehouses besides the alley are found to be flat-roofed. Gram and Gimdalf decide to hide behind the pointy roof of a tall building at the north end of the alleyway. Gimdalf has his owl fly patrol around the alley, while Macca Ni walks in.   The meeting is held with a disembodied voice, which Gimdalf thinks is either someone invisible, or a long-ranged version of the Minor Illusion spell. The voice says he is "D.", one of the lieutenants of the gang. Macca Ni switches to thieves can't, and in different dialect, D responds in-kind. A folded-up letter with the gang sign, hidden between the stones at Macca Ni's feet, identifies him as a gang-member.   The party proposes teaching the less-educated members of the gang how to steal propperly, for a fee. After some haggling, the fee is set at 1/4th of what the teached members steal.   To get accepted into the gang, the party has to prove their thieving prowess. In the next two days, they will receive a letter. This will detail a target, and what to steal.   If they have stolen it successfully, a second letter will tell them where to meet with a representitive of the gang.   After this meeting, the party goes to bed. Macca Ni still under the bed, only lightly sleeping.   Around 3 in the night, he hears the squeack of metal outside their window, and a muffled conversation between two people. Mentioning bringing oil next time, and having to hold something. After a second squeack, there are footsteps, and a door opens and closes. Then the silence of the night returns.    

Items bought

  • 4 Health Potions (49 gp each)
  • Gimdalf:
  • Gilded flower worth 300 gp for the spell Summon Fey Spirit (for 250 gp)
  • Ring of Bells (3gp) gifted to Gram.
  • G.C.'s Journal
    Sewers, the local highway
    In-game date
    Report Date
    16 Oct 2020
    Active party members
  • Macca Ni
  • Gram Crackers
  • Gimdalf

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