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Malin City

Two figures walked the streets of Malin, most people around them giving them a wide berth. Though dressed in a more casual outfit, it was hard to miss the Relic hanging from the ear of one of them. Their mismatched red and yellow eyes also marked them for what they were, the Vessel of Order. They were beaming, moving from shop to shop with almost child-like enthusiasm.   Their attendant, a Knight dressed in ceremonial garb was struggling to keep a deadpan expression. He was identical to the Vessel in every way besides his eyes.   The Vessel turned, grinning widely, fingers flashing with excitement as they quickly signed to their twin. "Isn't this exciting??"   Their twin crossed his arms, grinning crookedly. "Yes, very exciting Your Holiness." He replied, speaking aloud. The Vessel had no trouble hearing, but an unfortunate accident had robbed them of their voice. "But don't you think you're getting a little carried away?"   The Vessel pouted, fingers all harsh lines as they replied. "You're no fun, Kieran! I just want to look around. I'm always cooped up in the Temple!"   "Yes, I know," Kieran replied, approaching and putting a hand on their shoulder. "But as your attendant, I must remind you that you're not exactly. Acting Orderly"   The Vessel tilted his head back, rolling his eyes. "Fine." Was the short reply as they rearranged themselves and began to walk more calmly down the marble sidewalks. "You said you knew an interesting museum?"   Kieran nodded. "Yes, they've got a new exhibit on textiles that I thought you'd—" He fell silent as he realized that the Vessel had run ahead once again, too excited to wait. He sighed roughly and followed dutifully after his twin.
  Malin City is the largest city in Creni, and one of the biggest tourist attractions on the continent.

Industry & Trade

Malin is one of the main export cities for Constructs of all kinds. Just outside the city limits are research labs where studies are conducted on shoni crystals in attempts to make further advancements in clean energies and other magi-technology. The other main industry in Malin is the tourist industry.


The hallmark of any Crenian city, or any city built by Crenian architects, is that magi-tech is included in all aspects of it its creation. In the case of Malin, this means the bridges that lead to the city over the rivers and shallow seas are massive Crystal Constructs. These constructs create intricate bridges of hardened light that can be dispelled in an instant to protect the city. Multiple abandoned Shoni Crystals were used in their construction, creating a multicolored effect. Many say the bridges look like stained glass when fully formed.


Malin is a seat of cultural power in Creni. Theaters, parks, shops containing constructs of varying levels of complexity, and museums attract most tourists and travelers. The other main attraction is the Grand Temple of Order. Though most cities will have temples dedicated to the most powerful Gods, Grand Temples are the seat of their Vessels, mortals born with their power who act in their stead on the planet. Many make pilgrimages to visit the Temple, in hopes to get the Vessel's blessing.


One of the main reasons Malin is known as the Shining City, is due to the fact that most of the buildings are built entirely out of marble. Crystal Constructs in addition to artisans and Shonia talented in earth magic carved the marble into intricate pattens and shapes, building the city piece by piece. These pristine white walls are often adorned with silver or black paints, picking out the carvings on the more decorated buildings.   Inspections are done yearly on the rune casting hidden in the structures that keep them sturdy, provide heating and cooling, as well as those that provide protection. Homeowners and business owners may face fines if their runes are not properly kept up.   The Grand Temple of Order is the most impressive monument to this magi-tech based architecture. Instead of paints, real silver adorns the carvings, always kept immaculately clean and orderly. The symmetry to the building is almost unnerving to look at. Of course, it was built using magic, but the sheer perfection in its design seems too Divine in origin to have been completed without help.
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The Shining City
Large city
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Crenian, Common

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