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The Red Forest


An unnatural and stunning landmark located within the country of Shikahn, the Red Forest is the result of the endemic corruption of the area due to Celestial magic. Thousands of years ago, the Elder Gods did battle against a Celestial attempting to usurp the planet from the control of the Celestial Fate. Though the Gods were able to beat this Interloper back, when its right antler was severed and fell to the ground, it landed at the top of one of the mountains of the landmass that would be Shikahn. The antler fell into the source of the Taito river, the Celestial magic within it leeching into the earth and water.

Initially, the Celestial killed all that it touched, destroying all organic life along the Taito. The Celestial settled in the ground and seemed to go dormant. However, as life attempted to repopulate the ravaged landscape, the Celestial suddenly reappeared and latched onto all organic material it could. It twisted the life in the area to something far more similar to the planet the Celestials hail from. Any trees within the area of corruption grew bone white with bright red leaves, all grasses grew red and acidic. Golden fruits, filled with Celestial magic grew on vines, and black lilies with bright red stems sprout here and there. Celestial Beasts, deadly horned beings appearing to be made of living opal and Celestial magic appeared, masked like the Celestials who control the planet.


The Red Forest is limited in its extent only by temperature. It appears that the organisms dwelling within it (both flora and fauna) cannot survive within warmer temperatures. Despite this, the forest has been spreading over the thousands of years of its existence. Concerns have been raised regarding its spread; there is a fear among the Shikahni people that should it reach the boreal forests to the north, it will be impossible to keep its growth in check. Efforts are currently underway using Fire Mages to attempt the burn the Red Forest back to a more manageable size, but it is unknown how long this can continue. After all, Celestial magic will never stop...
The current extent of the Red Forest. by CrimzN
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Jul 9, 2018 14:36 by Hikaru Tsukino

That is an interesting landmark! I love the aesthetics and the images you made to go along with it!

Jul 9, 2018 22:28 by Crimz

Thank you very much! The Red Forest has been sitting around in my head for years, I'm glad to finally have it on paper!

Jul 9, 2018 17:43 by Terry-Lynn L

Wonderful job with the header, it really sets the mood for the type of place this forest is! It's horrifying how Celestial twisted and changed the natural landscape. I wonder if there's a yearly burn of the forest and if people make a big things out of it.

Jul 9, 2018 22:29 by Crimz

Thank you!! I like that idea a lot! It may be an annual event to try and keep the forest from spreading too much!