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On the southeastern edge, just beyond the borders of the Gildfens, sits the city of Nor'Wyld'Gan, the largest city and regional center of power in the Gild-Fen Tribelands. This city breaks the horizon as one follows the Tiber, on its western bank, dominating the interior edge of the Tiber-Nor'wood Delta, dominating both sides of the Nor'wood river mouth, where the Nor'wood joins the Tiber. Two heartwoods are the first thing that anyone approaching sees, their canopies taller than the surrounding forest. As one gets closer and enters the city itself, it is an odd duality. To the eastern part of the city, east of the railyards and Oaken Soul Road, is very green, very elven, as one might expect, even with the bits of industry and modern sorts of facilities that one may find. West of the Oaken Soul Road and the Railyards, things drastically change. The stark difference, the soil darker, much less greenery, a much more industrial setting, having a notable immediate effect on the scenery.


Nor'Wyld'Gan's population of 28013 breaks down roughly as follows;

Race % of Population Count
Dwarf 18% 5042
Elf 26% 7283
Halfling 14% 3922
Human 20% 5603
Gnome 8% 2241
Vrock 8% 2241
Tiefling 6% 1681


1) Nor'wyld'gan Police Stations: The various precincts of the Nor'wyld'gan Police Department dot the city, buildings of fine oaken and marble, the police force of the city is known for being rather reliable and stout. Numbering some a hundred and thirty or so members, spread amongst the seven precincts in the city.

3) Rail and Aerial Authorities: These are the command centers and custom offices for all traffic coming into and out of the city by rail and air. Nor'wyld'gan is one of the hardest and most challenging Sky-Ports to make dock at, and is well known for the skill it takes, as the Sky-Docks are nestled between the rail lines in the only parts of the railyards not occupied by buildings and other infrastructure. These structures also house a small garrison of Rail Wardens and Air Marshals, as one might expect.

8) Port Authorities: These two garrisoned islands at this key delta that joins the Tiber, a key river base. The garrison here is a bit bigger than the other two offices, as this is a small military base in and of itself, a national one. Besides this, the command centers, along with customs and logistics offices tracking all traffic and goods in and out of the docks of the city is centralized here.

25) Town Records: This is the facility where all records of the town are filed and kept. Public copies of blueprints and public works projects as are available, previous years budget reports, archived newspaper editions and more, all these things are found here. This facility also holds the city's largest of three bank branches that serve its populace.

36) Ganfio'tii Grand Oak-Home: This strange, but beautiful structure seems to be the stout trunks of many oak trees, twisted into one massive platform, no true canopy left, though a few smaller trees grow atop the platform, in some strange act of the twisting of the Manna of Dulra. The Ganfio'tii are well known magisters of the Emerald, masters of the art. The complex of their ancestral home above, on this platform of oak, is a beautiful marvel of elven and magister architecture, the structures that of trees, oak, maple and ash, seemingly growing out of the monstrous oaken hall and platform itself. Within this structure is housed a lot of the city's political power, and the regional governmental council operates out of here as well.

37) Bow and Blade Academy: One of the many training and recruiting centers for the Depen Armed Forces, this academy is focused on mostly infantry, offering training programs and advanced courses to advance beyond basic infantry membership, as well as being an academy for junior infantry officers for a variety of different sections. Besides this, the largest of the two prisons in the city are located here, an oddity, being so close to the core leadership of the region and city, but being masters of the Emerald, the Ganfio-tii do not have the concerns about this sort of placement of such a location as others might.

38) Ashwood Halls: These grand halls house the city's courts and are also the head office of the various legal officials for the city, along with the offices relating to building permits, tax collection and management, and all manners of other legal faculty and facilities one might expect in such a large city and regional power center.

39) Hemlock Halls: These halls are the actual meeting place for the region and city councils, and are were the actual legislature and policy decisions are made and voted upon.


10) Military Docks: These docks are part of the coast guard garrison and are used for the river patrol boats of the garrison, along with shipments of supplies coming in and out of the garrison and fortifications. These docks are military run and though also home to the Port Authority, no vessels dock here for long periods unless they have direct reason too.

Industry & Trade

2) Nor'wyld'gan Sky-Rail Yards: The busy railyards in the western and souther parts of the city dominated these regions, the coal smoke thick, the dust and smog ever present, the sounds of hissing steam, whistling locomotives, squealing of brakes, and the general hubbub of shouting, machinery, yelling orders, carts over cobblestone. Wildly busy, adding to this madness, the sounds of a Sky-Port as well, which is in the central part of the railyard, with eight docking bays, four per each row, nestled carefully between two sets of tracks. Adding to this insanity is the sheer difficulty, as Nor'wyld'gan Sky-Port has the reputation, well earned, that it is one of the hardest on the continent to land and dock at.

9) Fish and Feed Docks: The docks in the western part of the city are well known as the local docks, the docks where those work the Nor'wood River beyond the city's limits, be it fishing, trapping along the banks, or harvesting, these are the docks that most of that is processed. Fisheries, butchers, tanneries, these are all found here, and more besides. Its a bustling, admittedly poorer area of the city's work force, but plenty of traffic and business occurs here. A lot of the river trade runs through here as well,especially coming from the north, like Valence, through the Nor'wood River.

11) Trade and Commerce Docks: These are the docks where most of the larger main river trade, the stuff that moves beyond Depenwood's borders, occurs, following the continental artery that is the Tiber. Goods tranfer here to travel by the Tiber to their final destination, or transfer from here to locomotives for the same purpose, depending which is more expedient. It is one of the busiest parts of the city, only matched and surpassed by the Sky-Rail Yards themselves.

21) Industrial Quarter: Nor'wyld'gan is a place of much industry. Furniture making shops, tanneries, leatherworks, tailors and weavers, and of course jewelers, tool and die making and a minting office as well, along with other metal works are done here, working with mostly copper and tin, along with iron shipped in from Suranth. Though much of these finished goods are also imported, like any proper city in Valerick, they have the facilities and enable those whom wish to live there to ply their crafts.

22) South-side Markets: One of the larger proper marketplaces in the city, the southside markets consist of many small shared shops, spread between the six major businesses that really are the established places of business in the market. Besides these six other businesses anywhere from a half dozen to a dozen other little stalls or kind of pop up shops can be found on any given day, set up under simple canvas structures that can be rented by the week for trade, allowing those whom perhaps do not have the means yet in their craft to fully support and pay the bills for a proper shop to make do.

28) Grainer's Quarter: This part of the city houses much in the way of food processing. Graineries being a big part of it of course, hence the name, but other mills too. Two large paper mills work here as well, and also processing for other food stuffs as well. Canneries are run here as well. Basically food handling, processing and more.

31) Citrus Fields: The farms and facilities here are orchards of various citrus fruit trees, carefully tended by the Emerald Order. A variety of facilities in this area produce all manner of goods from the harvests of these orchards.

32) Cherry and Grape Fields: Here these fields and the facilities around them are tied to much in the way of wine and brandies. Of course cherry and grape is not all that is grown here, but also peaches, plums, pears and apples as well.

33) Vegetable Fields: Again, more for internal use, but still a great boon and resource for industry and trade, these fields grow all manner of simple vegetables. Turnips, onions, carrots, potatoes, radishes and the like.

34) Berries Fields: The other part of this large well kept interior garden of Nor'wyld'gan, these fields of thick bushes are where blackberries, strawberries, blueberries and more are grown here quite successfully. The facilities in the area are where a not insignificant portion of these

35) High Side Markets: The other largest pure marketplace in Nor'wyld'gan, this market is of a much higher brow than South-Side Markets, and one can find a great deal of variety, fine an expensive wares here. It is a busy bustling market, and those whom shop and travel here are well off, well to do folk mostly, middle class and upper class folk, even nobility.
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GM NOTE: Within this marketplace, there is a shop known as Fredwick's Fantastic Finery, a top end tailor shop, run by a halfling gentleman. But he is also a fence, and a well known one amongst those whom would ever need to know such things.


4) Smoke Rows: This region of lower and middle class housing blocks, apartments of flats, are generally known as the Smoke Rows for their proximity to the rail lines and the perpetual embrace of the sulfurous smell of coal smoke.

5) Twins of the Nor'wood: These impressive bridges of seemingly living timber and stonework are marvelous works of engineering, and are affectionately and simply known as the 'Twins of the Nor'wood'. These bridges are how the rails cross the Nor'wood River.

6) Vin'ageled Bridge: Named after a local hero, Vin'ageled Bridge stands as a memorial to one Alex'elvan Vin'ageled, whom was a local hero, and a Oak-Heart, a crusader of Talia's Faith. He gave his life heading into the catacombs and aqueducts below the city, down into the deeper sewers of the city, to face down the Fearcach infestation, the horrible twisted rat like beings that haunt the subterrean tunnels of Valerick. The mad ratfolks plan was foiled by Crusader Vin'ageled and a band of allies, but the Crusader never made it out alive, so the bridge was named in his honor and features a statue in his likeness as the right side anchor of each side of the bridge. The left side has the Tree of Life and Death, Talia's holy symbol.

7) Wyld'gan Gates: These gates that control the mouth of the Delta are rather standard in their construction for Depen architecture, the wood and timber seeming reinforced and somehow grown as much as made or crafted into the gate with iron reinforcement almost woven in like thread.

16) Nor'wylde University of the Arts: Nor'wyld'gan is very well known as a city of taste and this truth holds here as well, in this grand school for the Arts. This school is no mere art university, but some of the most talented composers, painters, and playwrights all went through formal education here. However this prestidigious university also is a Bardic Hall, a place where those with the touch and connection, whom carry the Voice of the Gods within them, can seek sanctuary, share news, research all manner of works, and find food and lodging. Many universities maintain such in their grounds in other cities all across Valerick, but here it is an actual proper almost temple to the whole concept of Bards being the Voice of the Ascended in its own right, a beautiful hall, a place of music, tales, fine drink, food and discussion.

29) Oaken Soul Gates: These gates of woven wood and earth, fireproof despite the initial look, they seem of thorn and bramble as well. The gates are a single gate construction, not like the ones more common in Suranth, with the small zone in between, for though there is use to such things, Nor'wyld'gan does not have them. However when one enters the city through the gates, one enters into a small courtyard, only to find out the wall doesn't have a hole, but is just recessed back forty or fifty meters. Within is many small doors leading to possible entry points. This is where people coming into the city report their business. There is a second much smaller gate, two of them, but bigger for carts. These doors only open with the appropriate paperwork, and have little checkpoint booths of their own. Wagons, carts or carriages bearing trade goods or people need to first make their presence known and have citizenship in the city or proper trade papers. If not, they must submit their goods to inspection, and then can be issued a writ of entry. These complex gatehouses are constructed the way they are for traffic control and it works quite well for that purpose.


Unlike many cities in Valerick, Nor'wyld'gan has almost no internal divisions, at least no walls or hard barriers between districts or neighborhoods. This does not mean, of course, that there are no noted divisions or different regions or districts. Like any city, there are different names for different areas.

Grain-Town: This district is marked and well named for its industrial importance, and the large fields and orchards maintained inside the city's walls. From the northern gate into the city, south to the banks of the Nor'wood River, and from the eastern wall until hitting the eastern edges of the Legis District, marked by a bramble and thorn wall. This district gets its name because it is the part of the city where all food production is handled, the grain coming in, graineries and mills, various wineries and distilleries, bakeries, and a variety of other sorts of food product are made. Smokehouses, making all matter of dried and smoked meats and jerkies, other places making preservatives, like jellies and jams.

Legis District: The only internally walled district of Nor'wyld'gan, this is where the Ganfio'tii tribe hold their court, have their ancestrial halls and homes, and is where most of the political and legislative matters of the city, and of the Gild-Leaf Tribelands themselves, are handled, along with most of the other sorts of buerocratic stuff one might expect to find in such a large city.

Smokestack District: This district gets its name from the proximity of the railyards, and the effects of the manufacturing quarter upon it. This district contains a lot of the metal and timber facilities, and other such production facilities. Besides that, the sorts of residentials you find here are what you might expect. The slums, lower income housing, working class, simple homes.

Riverbanks District: Another working class district, but here the smells and sights are less industrial, and more...riverland. Fish, all manner of water fowl, plant matter and more. A number of glass-blowers pry their craft here as well. The houses here are of a simple nature, most whom live here of the working class, many working the docks, or fishing, trapping and foraging from the Nor'wood and along its banks.

Mid-Town District: This district is where you find more upscale, pretty, but still more middle class, single family, sort of homes. Many whom live here hold some sort of government job, or middle management sort of position.

Highbank District: Here is where much of the minor nobility, merchant tycoons and their ilk make their homes. Extravagent manors, mansions and compounds, designed of twisting vine and tree, along with fine stone and brick, this strange blend of nature and technology.

Business Quarter: This is the busiest part of Nor'wyld'gan. Here day to day business, the halls and offices of all the various guilds with representation in the city, the Colisee, the Magisterium and more. This is the beating heart of business and coin in Nor'wyld'gan.

Guilds and Factions

12) Temple of the Hartwood: This massive temple, complete with a library, archery range and training facilities, is a house of worship to Talia, the Lady of the Leaves. This temple is a work of masterful beauty, the wooden structure seeming alive with the carvings upon it, portraying a wide variety of plants and animals, scenes of pure wilderness, the shades and depth of the work adding a true living quality to it. The windows are quite plain, the roof also seeming alive, thatched, but with limbs of trees, leafy boughs, extending from within. The floors and pews are of a deep reddish brown hartwood, and even still, seem as if all one structure, almost as if roots. The roof of the temple is a canopy, a true canopy, as if a massive tree. Leafy on the right, dead branches on the left. A tree of life and death, the cycle. Yearly it will switch, and in winter, the left side becomes leafy, the right side becomes dead.

13) Guild-wood: Nor'wyld'gan has two Heartwoods, and this southern one is the Guild Quarter. It is here that the city's many guilds hold their offices and meeting halls. Some share facilities, smaller guilds and groups, this quarter is busy however, with much going on all about the Guild-Wood every day. There are many guilds and trades represented, but as one might expect, the largest have full buildings and structures to themselves, and others group together, to share the expense of maintaining facilities and the like.

14) Magisterium: The Magisterium Collegiate holds its sway and academies in many cities, and in the city of Nor'wyld'gan is no different. The Collegiate here is woven into and is part of a strong and tall maple tree, its halls and rooms seeming magickally impossible in size, and extending into a beautiful glittering many spired structures that make up the canopy of the tree itself. There are four dominant colors, though all the colors of the Eight Orders of the Magisterium are present. The four dominant ones, Emerald, Sapphire, Diamond and Amethyst, indicate those schools which have full educative services and a guild like presence available in the city. This does not mean their are no magisters (and therefore no chance for anyone to be an apprentice of or learn the magicks of) Ruby, Onyx, Opal or Topaz, but those rare few are generally merely old fashioned apprentice and master relationships, whereas the larger schools have a proper almost university like feel to them.

Points of interest

19) Nor'wyld's Last Rest: This is the city graveyard, a large expanse, cared for by the various priesthoods from the shared Temple of the Ascended just to the east, along with those of Talia's faith of course. Masoleums dot hills within the graveyard, as do many headstones. It costs a fair amount to be buried, that is an 'appropriate' donation is needed to whichever faith you wish to be the one to bury you. Recently the graveyard has had an issue with graverobbing, there have been two of the masoleums hit in the last month.

20) Temple of the Ascended: This temple, the second largest such institution in the city, is a house of worship to the Ascended as a whole, each with their own little wing, little chapel within, complete with some pews, a place for sermons and two or three members of the appropriate faith, whom caretake their diety's chapel, and provide spirtual guidance to those whom come to seek it.


15) Riverwood Colisee: Caid Pitch, carriage races and other sporting events and the like, are held here. The Nor'wyld'gan Night Owls are the local team in the DCF (Depenwood Caid Federation) and are a crowd favorite of course. The stadium is well maintained, and houses about nine thousand some odd spectators. It is a favorite site for tourists and locals, with many taverns and eateries nearby.

17) Fioli'ankel Theatre: This theatre, named for its proprietor, one Horatio Fioli'ankel, a halfling well known for his muscials and the compositional talents. He puts on all matters of musical entertainments; musicals, operas, orchaestral performaces. Both his own pieces and pieces from others, he is one whom enjoys hosting talent as much as taking writing credits for himself, so he is always willing to give other acts, and compositions a consideration.

18) Antolian Gallery: This fine gallery, a favorite among wealthy tourists and locals, hosts a great deal of different art pieces. Paintings, sculptures, pottery and more. It is a gallery that is well known all across the Depen. Its collection is very valuable, including a pair of original sculptures, the only two left, from one Storvi Vorismac Udali, a dwarven sculptor who did not live very long, dying of the white plague, and when he died, his works were scattered. He had no heirs and his works were snatched up from his home, thieves and robbers. The only two known originals of his work still around and left in a public eye. From the written notes and journals found in his desk, ten of his works exist and most major muesems and galleries have copies of those documents just in case they ever come across the missing works somehow.

23) Coalside Inn: This inn gets its name because of its close proximity to the railroads, and its popularity with travelers. It is a large place, with a fine kitchen as well, the full experience of comfort. Run by a friendly elven couple, Ashail'ven and Tanic'ol Gova'teel, this establishment can house easily over two hundred people and is very secure in its position, with continual and steady clientele.
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This establishment is actually also where the local Thieves Guild is run out of, by the elven couple in question actually, though they keep distant, playing up the idea that their is someone above them who is actually in charge. In fact, who knows, perhaps that is indeed true....

24) Vine and Vintage: This high end establishment is indeed an inn, for want of a better word, but only serves very esteemed clientele, only the wealthiest of the wealthy. They are also known for carrying the widest array of food and drink of any such establishment and their wine selection is unparrelleled anywhere in the city.

26) The Dancing Trout: This riverside eatery is a favorite of many in the city, known for its varied and always wonderful 'Catch of the Day' meals, and is a place where you can meet all kinds, as it is a favorite of all manner of working types in the city, for it is affordable, yet of quality.

27) Emerald Lady's Square: The fountain here is marked by a beautiful willow tree, one that seems to have a trunk that looks just as the Lady of the Leaves does, with tree itself rising almost...around her....but also summoned by her. It is a marker for a site of pilgrimage for those of the faith of the Lady of the Leaves.

30) Grove and Grape: This tavern is a favorite amongst high class people and travelers as well. It is a place where one can sample all manner of brandies, wines and fine treats and foods. It is also a place where much news and gossip flows plentiful and freely.


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