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Code légal {Legal Code} Depenwood

'Centuries of negotiation, decades of careful deliberation, discussion and voting have led to this ever growing document, Depenwood's legal code.'


This document is the legal code of the nation of Depenwood, both civil and criminal, a long, well written document kept in documents available at every courthouse and chapel in the nation. But it isn't easy to understand for many, so legal advocates are necessary. Written with much grandiose language, very descriptive, flowerly flowing language, in that typical elven style.

Document Structure


Criminal, Civil, Economic, Immigration Laws, Judicial Processes, Property Laws, Punishment Guidelines

Publication Status

Readily available, though

Legal status

It is the legal code

Historical Details


This code is constantly scrutinized, and is ever growing and changing slowly, as with the nation, it is seen as a living, growing entity.


This document was historic for a few reasons, but the biggest one was simply that it was the first time the elven tribes had come together for such a collaborative effort, on this grand a scale. It marked the beginning of this nation, in truth. Of Depenwood being a single power, a collaborative, a nation of equals working together for the betterment of all.

Public Reaction

Whilst you can never please everyone, the people were pleased to have this togetherness, this joining of minds and peoples. It made them feel more connected, safer, and ready for this era of bold growth and revitalization.
Manuscript, Legal
Authoring Date
Ratification Date
Signatories (Organizations)


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