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Several centuries ago, the Clearsparks hustled to make their way through the world. They traveled seeking and sharing oddities.   In the early days of the family's rise to power, they discovered a portal that could transport people and items to continents on Tarantellia.   With extensive study, the Clearsparks perfected the technique to make more portals. Eventually, creating a town known as the Worldgate.   The Clearsparks were able to continue capitalizing on the portals and town until the influx of magic from spontaneous geysers destabilized them. The portals began sending people to new worlds and planes of existence. That's nothing to say for who and what came back through the portals.   In the years that followed, the Clearsparks attempted to rebuild the town and study the new flows of magic.   Rather than throw good money after bad, the Clearsparks began creating magic schools across the Claw Continent.  


There are four families who run La Chiave a Croce: the Tarrenbrooks, Silverswords, Clearsparks, and Whispershadows. It could be said that all these families have their secrets, none more than the Whispershadows who know of the proverbial and literal skeletons in most Crocean’s closets. The Whispershadows don’t, however, know what actually happened to the Worldgate’s portals. When the Clearsparks sold Grimgate to the Whispershadows, they claimed to have lost the funding to keep rebuilding the town. However, they utilized the Decade Disappearances on the Night of a Thousand Stars to abscond with an artifact imbued with enough magic to destroy the continent. This secret will be brought to the grave of every Clearspark and Portal Master.

Public Agenda

The Clearsparks run and own the schools of magic on the Claw Continent. To that end, their major goals include researching the arcane arts and unveiling the mysteries of the world created by the past century's influx of magic.


The Clearsparks own about 20 schools and sponsor several organizations on the Claw Continent.
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6 Aug, 2023 10:10

I can't help but wonder at the purpose of the powerful artifact. What was it designed to do? Why did the Clearsparks have to abscond with it? Were they stealing it from someone like the Whispershadows? Great hooks for future stories!

9 Aug, 2023 22:41

Thanks! I had to make sure that I didn't answer too many questions in case my players read the article. xD I'm excited to bring these secrets to life. ^_^

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