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Bark Crawler

Ragewind's full description of the beasts is shown on the right. The remainder of this article is not common knowledge to people residing outside of the Avies' home. To read about a Bark Crawler's appearance, relationship with the Avies and anatomy, click here.

Cat Chameleons

Bark Crawlers are large jungle cats with the ability to blend into their surroundings. If they are on the forest floor, they stay low to the ground and take on a pattern similar to the underbrush. When climbing a tree, their fur resembles its bark. The Avies believe they are to be regarded as magical creatures. Phelan Ragewind, on the other hand, suspects their ability to change color and pattern depends on the magical qualities of the foods and liquids they consume.  

Relationship with Avie Scouts

Avies have been feeding the Bark Crawlers for many years and are their sole trusted riders. Before an Avie may join the ranks of the Scouts, they are brought on numerous missions. When they are able to ride and command a Bark Crawler safely and on their own, they are encouraged to participate in the naming ceremony. If they cannot, however, they will be banned from the Scouts until they succeed. This process may take anywhere from three to ten years.  

Spider-like Anatomy

While covered in fur, the motions of Bark Crawlers resemble spiders more than cats. They have six legs and two raptorial appendages used for slicing their prey. Their heads resemble that of maine coons. To the Avies, they really are the bestest kitties.  
There is not much I can say about the Bark Crawlers. They work as steeds with the ability to run faster than a horse and climb trees like a spider.

While the Avies have trained some of them, they are not friendly and I recommend remaining still and backing away slowly. If they decide you are their prey, you might want to pray to your god.
— Phelan Ragewind
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