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TE Clue MS

Patrick has a business acquaintance named Xanatos. They probably met at a Robotics Expo in Chicago during Patrick's first year after high school. When Patrick dug deeply into his job-searching efforts a few years later, Mr. Xanatos must have seen Patrick's resume in passing and remembered the encounter. He had no appropriate openings at his own company, NatriMaurax, but Mr. Xanatos said some very gracious things about Patrick's talent. He gave Patrick a few tips of specific businesses to target.
If that had not happened, would Patrick have reached out to NuTech? Would he now be able to do the work that really matters?
Maybe. It is highly likely. He and NuTech are such a good fit for each other. It might have happened on its own, eventually.
But maybe not.
Even so -- it was surprising to get last week's message from Mr. Xanatos.
Return Favor Requested
Prose | Jul 24, 2023

From: RDXanatos | Date: 31-12-09 | Subject: The right mind for the right solution

- Xanatos messages Patrick Edwards on December 31st, 2009

Obviously, Patrick agreed to do this favor.
Just as obviously, Patrick chose to bring along his personal safety gear.
Today is Wednesday, the sixth of January, and a hero from Metropolis approaches a tall, narrow NYC building sandwiched between other tall, narrow buildings. The rowhouse at 74 Union Street dates back to 1846, according to Patrick's research. It has been subdivided into two units, with a shared workshop and laundry on the "garden floor" and a separate townhome on each of the upper stories.

Union Street Rowhouse by Jarissa

The workshop is likely to be the focus of the Genie's intrusion, so it might be a good idea to suit up before Patrick settles in to wait. This entire building ought to currently be vacant of people: it has contracts all set up for next month, as soon as the renovations company finishes installing an integrated "smart home" system and cleans up the debris.

Cover image: Union Street by Jarissa