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Return Favor Requested

Xanatos by Jarissa
I need a favor. And to be honest, I need it to be done by someone that my peers would never imagine as a connection of mine.   This is not illegal or unethical but it might be, let's say, awkward.   You have the right personality to talk sense to someone, maybe get them to change their mind before they do something drastic. I am not asking you to do anything but go to a place on a day, using normal transportation, making no big fuss …   … And then I want you to persuade the man who's going to show up there to re-analyze his understanding of the problem before him.   You can tell him that his employer is not who she claims to be, and that he deserves better.   Explain it to him the way you would try to persuade yourself. He's not in the same career path as you, but he has a comparable talent for choreographing autonomic systems. He likes to automate them to unmonitored routines, where I remember you preferred to control them by a human pilot. He likes to keep other people at a bit of a distance. He tries not to see the process in action.   Before you agree to help me with this, Mr. Edwards, I want you to carefully consider one thing: There is a chance that your meeting might get a little dangerous. I don't think your life will be in danger. But the man I want you to meet, he has made some poor decisions in his past. He is not going to like it if anyone tells him that he acted foolishly. The only value he sees in himself is his smarts.   You can tell him that I tipped you off about this. You can even tell him that Xanatos thought you two might be suitable peers. But if anyone ever asks me about it, I'm going to have no knowledge of the whole thing. Positive or negative. I cannot afford to have The Genie tangle himself into my resources. I am negotiating to expand my business into Halifax by the middle of summer -- please do not tell your employer if you can avoid it -- so I need to not have an active international thief claim that I wish him well.

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