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Kivu is the name of the reclusive and rare species of mountain gorilla that underwent a radical evolutionary shift toward hyperintelligence and in some cases, advanced mental powers. They primarily are found in the forests and mountains around Mount Stanley in the Rwenzori mountains, as they wish to avoid the chaotic - and even dangerous world - of humans.   While the Kivu are unknown to the world at large a few heroes such as The Flash, Silverwing, the Trenchcoat Brigade, and a few of the Knights Vigilant know of their existance. The kivu are also known by the likewise isolationist people of Atlantea.

Civilization and Culture


A little over 14,000 years ago, a bright flash lit the sky and a strange object plummeted to Earth in what was the region of the Rwenzori mountains. This object was the remnants of a modified Thanagarian exploration drone. The radiation, combined with the effects of the Q Furnace and the "Nth-Drive" with the drones' altered programming resulted in an evolutionary jump for those bands of mountain gorillas.   Meta mutation towards intelligence began within a single generation. From there, it was a matter of time before those gorillas developed their own language and culture. Being isolated, their progress didn't fall prey to repeated wars and calamities as did with humans. As a result, kivu cultures were able to explore and expand their scientific knowledge centuries past what modern humans know at this time.
Scientific Name
Gorilla beringei superior
Gorilla beringei beringei ( Mountain Gorilla )


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