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Swamp Place

Swamp Place is yet another of the máchˈbac areas within Sonchihilic, a marshy hideaway prominent clans descended from this land type call home. Represented are the Ntúazí of the Dírdˈlǘb (Lizard), Ráyóˈyé and Sö́ˈchím (Blue Heron), Yáˈxá (Muskrat), ˈmíyé (Black Crocodile) and Nís (White Crocodile) clans.   The area is a source of racial tension in the city: The ˈmíyé family, though they fall under the Crocodile totem as the Nís do, is Sau-Heziban, a group the native Delfó people universally despise. The ˈmíyé are the sole ambassadors from Sau-Hezib anywhere in Del, and the space their delegation occupies one of the very few places their countrymen are allowed to walk freely - they are literally required to sail all the way around the continent to go home, to avoid setting foot on Delfó territory. So while they cannot be harmed without legal trouble, this doesn't stop the locals alleging that any wrongdoing in town can somehow be traced back to these outsiders.   The area is unsurprisingly also the poorest in town, as members of all Swamp clans have less land-based wealth than others. Hard-up locals and foreigners toil at the níchmíshíˌbazí workhouse to scrape together coin. Others take on menial duties for the city, such as tending the Ancestor Fire.  

Residential District in the City of Sonchihilic

HEZDEL:ˈbácbac ˈséüv


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