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A relatively new technology in Taeva, automatons are self-propelling machines powered by Magitech. First developed by Gnomish Arcanists to serve as an improved form of golemancy, automatons can be found a number of roles in both labour and security. While not very widespread due to the cost and complexity of building and maintaining them, with only a few currently in operation in a small number of nations, automatons are nonetheless considered to be a groundbreaking advancement in magitech.


Automatons are used in a variety of fields, including mining, menial labour, and security. While this rarely happens, some criminal groups have managed to obtain automatons for their own uses, mainly to serve as enforcers.


First, the inner workings of the construct, including the joints and power systems, must be constructed, followed by the outer plating. Once construction's complete, the enchantments that govern the automatons functions are applied, and the Aether Core is installed.

Social Impact

Among those who use them, the automatons have been a tremendous boon for industry. In particular, most of the menial labour in Gnomish society is either done by automatons, or at least has automatons providing assistance.
Parent Technologies
The technology behind automatons was first discovered by the Gnome Arcanist Lanwin Hulbason "Shinesteel".
Access & Availability
Automatons are generally only available to those who can afford the high cost of buying and maintaining them. Additionally, automatons designed for battle are much more regulated than those built for industrial use.
Automatons are one of the most complex technologies to build and maintain, requiring some of the best arcanists and golemancers to do so.
The technology behind automatons was first discovered by gnomes who wanted to make a better, more accessible version of golemancy, one that didn't require complex rituals or a high level of arcane mastery to benefit from it.
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