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Parliament of Polymath Eminence induction ceremony

Inducting the Eminence of the Parliament of Polymath is a loose sequence of events culminating in the Eminence receiving the signet ring of its position.
The event in the induction is that the inductee spends many days or weeks contemplating an idea of how Tacillia can grow and move forward. It is concluded in an alley or a groove in respect to Ignohs Fargaze, who always came up with her most profound thoughts while strolling in nature. Often, these new ideas are just improvements on older ideas, rarely life-shattering concepts, but everybody accepts that it takes time to improve on a whole world.
When the inductee is ready, the final, official steps are happening inside the Parliament. First, the spokespersons of the various Parliament groups use their signet ring to confirm they accept the inductee as the next Eminence. Then come the leaders of the different nations and states, who confirm that they accept the inductee as the new Eminence. This part of the procedure is a loose one. The leaders can use their signet rings too or sign the document. This is based on their own rules and customs. After that, the inductee receives its signet ring from either its predecessor or the chamberlain of the Faculty. Using its signet ring, the chamberlain confirms that the proceedings were followed as custom dictates, and the inductee is the new Eminence.
The new Eminence then explains to the member of the Parliament and the guest the essence of its new concept. Sometimes this can be a pretty boring step in the ceremony in case the thoughts of the new Eminence are too deep or too shallow. Still, everybody is looking forward to hearing it because, in theory, the new Eminence should be the best of them.
The last step is not part of the actual ceremony. Still, tradition dictates that the new Eminence send an introductory letter to the countries' leaders to thank them for their continuous support of Brillansis.
I know it is nothing, but sometimes it feels good to be important
— Vrunkolak, chamberlain of the Parliament


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