The Herbologist Druid

Jen Emerald

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Living as a herbologist for most of her life, Jens life was sadly cut short via an unfortunate poisoning incident.   Deciding to live her afterlife the same way as her first life, Jen dedicated her time even more to studying plants and plant like creatures.   After arriving in Synthacrosia, Jen made her home in Beachcastle . The artisan/merchant lifestyle suited her interests, and allowed her to explore and study as much as she wanted to.   She was found by the party near Sanctuary on The Floor of Health , under control of a Griefgall .



Image content taken from the time period during Jen's possession via Griefgall.
Current Location
The Floor of Health
Year of Birth
1543 AcA 457 Years old
Dark gray, jovial


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