Open wide.

Basic Information


A small plant. The center of it is a small white grub, about a foot in length, and 6 inches in circumference. Out of the back of the grub grows several leafy and vine like appendages. The vines are covered in a paralyzing neurotoxin.

Genetics and Reproduction

A griefgall's main goal in life is to find a host. It paralyzes its foes, then crawls down their helpless throats. Here it hooks its self into their central nervous system, and takes control. The griefgall feeds on the hosts emotions. Once per week, it can drain the host and form seedlings; the host coughs the seedlings up, which will then grow into more griefgalls.
Plants, 1.png
griefgall 1.png
Scientific Name
Grubbus Griefium

Cover image: by Stormbril


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