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Clockwork Scorpion

Three more scorpions crawl from the cracks...

Small, mindless, and incredibly territorial.  
Clockwork Scorpion
Clockwork Scorpions have an odd existence, with seemingly no purpose. The many legged mechanical being are small, varying from 3" to 6" across. As all clockwork beings, they need to be wound to continue working -- however, these scorpions appear to have been designed with efficiency in mind, only needing to be wound once per month.   This raises the question, who is winding these scorpions?   They generally appear to exist in large numbers, being extremely territorial, staying in one specific location. They've been imprinted with a general aversion to sunlight, spending most of their time underground. They will however attack whatever comes near, using swarm tactics.   Each scorpion is outfitted with a small vial in their carapace, with a tube leading down their stinger, allowing the scorpion to deliver its toxins and poisons with each sting.
Genetic Ancestor(s)

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