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  The use of shields, flags and logos is widespread in the Haan Archipelago as a means to represent and identify all sorts of groups of people including countries, families, religions, organizations both official and illicit and even business.   While there isn't a specific standard or style adhered by every nation or even inside each nation, the use of symbols, colours and shapes has grown recognisable patterns across time, which can now transmit messages about the organization they represent for the viewer to quickly get a grasp of what they are dealing with.  



Shield of The Burning Lie by Naelin through Azgaar Armory
The shield is the most common way the symbols and colours of a group are shared with the public.
The desired combination is painted into a wood or metal board which is then displayed, usually, in front of a building.
The shape varies across uses and locations, but the most common are the circle and a curved, inverted triangle, usually with notched tips at the top.  


Flag of Stunveldt
In some areas of the archipelago, the flag is the solution for shields to become more portable, while in others the flag has always been the tradition and the shield is a later adaptation.
The design is painted or crafted into a rectangular piece of fabric, which is then tied to a pole or a beam on one side, generally the left or the top.
The flag is then able to "fly" against the wind, for which designs with the strongest elements placed at the top left are preferred, so that the public can still identify the flag while its flapping.


Used mostly by the Stunveldti and the rooster nation, these are ocassions where a design is weaved into a fabric that is then used as a piece of clothing or accessory, allowing the identification of the family or ethnicity without the need of a standalone logo.
In the rooster culture, each family will weave a pattern of colours, lines and shapes to create a traditional skirt-loincloth piece worn by most individuals (Especially men) in formal or ritual ocassions.


Logo of the Raised Bakers Resistance by Naelin
A simple symbol not bound by a specific medium or shape. Commonly used by non-gubernamental organisations, these are often made as simple designs intended to be easily reproduced in grafitti, drawing, or even jewelery.



Common Symbols

The Herald's Gnaw

Tahur War Flag 2.png
War flag of Thaur
Flag of Red Crest
Flag of Merthiorn by Naelin

The Peace Bird

Flag of Ruh
Crest of the Knowledgeholders

The Eye of Alocárdenas

Symbol of Autonomism by Naelin

Geographical Features

Shield of Red Crest
Flag of Bregos
Flag of Bregos by Naelin


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